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The Benefits of Protecting Your Michigan Home With a Security System

Did you know equipping your house with a home security system can make your home three times** less likely to be burglarized? This is important, because while there are many wonderful reasons to live in Michigan, assault, theft, and burglary are still sometimes issues that residents need to face. Install an alarm system in your Michigan home and breath a little easier knowing that your home and your loved-ones are safer. Don't wait to defend your home—call today for details.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your family is safe and secure provides peace of mind like nothing else can. That's why protecting your family is more important than protecting your valuables—luckily a Michigan home security system makes that easier. With a home security system in place, you can stop worrying about abstracts like safety so much, allowing you to concentrate more on your daily routine.

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Protection

Each year in the United States, approximately 438 annual deaths are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. Making matters worse, carbon monoxide is tasteless and odorless, so that it is nearly impossible to detect without sensitive equipment. That's why equipping your home with carbon monoxide monitors should be a priority.

Fire alarms are another crucial part of any home security system in Michigan. For instance, if a fire breaks out in your home, your fire or smoke alarms will immediately contact emergency crews. When they are connected to your security system, the alarms are monitored 24/7, so emergency services will be alerted as quickly as possible.

Energy Savings

Home security systems are clearly designed to help protect your valuables and loved ones, but did you know they can also help reduce your environmental footprint and lower your Michigan energy bill? You can use your smartphone or tablet to manage lights and small appliances according to your daily schedule. Remote capabilities also allow you to adjust your thermostat from afar, so you can use less energy when your family isn't home. Not only will you be helping the environment, but your wallet will say thank you too.

Smart Home Automation

The next era of home automation solutions is now available with home security systems. Your mobile device now puts smart home automation abilities in the palm of your hand, allowing you to change your Michigan home's temperature settings, turn on lights, and control your appliances. Say goodbye to that nagging feeling that you've forgotten to turn off the coffee pot or the iron. With an automated home alarm system, you get the latest and greatest technology to keep your home safe and comfortable—and it's all accessible via your smartphone or other mobile devices.

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What You're Getting with a Home Security System in Michigan

Are you looking for security features that can make you Michigan household feel more secure? A simple way to address this issue is to find a reliable security system provider in Michigan that provides services like home monitoring. Take a look at some of the useful security products that you can take advantage of right now:

Control Panel

Keypad control panels used to be the only option for security systems. But with all the recent strides in technology, there are now more advanced options. The newest control panels utilize video, innovative touchscreen functionality, and easy-to-use controls. Plus, these control panels use cutting-edge smart technology to intuitively interact with your alarm system to learn from and adapt to your everyday habits. So get a Michigan home security system to match your modern lifestyle with an all-new control panel today.

Security Cameras

Security cameras that not only record activity on your property, but also offer real-time viewing capabilities enhance your Michigan alarm system with additional levels of protection. They're useful for keeping tabs on your family's comings and goings, checking to see if an expected package arrived on time, and for keeping an eye on your property when you're not at home. Today's technology means that you can check on your home security cameras from nearly anywhere using any Internet-enabled device.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can play an integral role in protecting your home and family. First and foremost, they alert you to the presence of a burglar as soon as suspicious activity is detected. But motion sensors can also help keep your family safe in smaller ways. Your Michigan security system can also warn you when children wander into unsafe areas like a basement, garage, or work area. And since it's monitored 24/7, your security system is helping to protect your home and family even if you can't be there.

Door and Window Sensors

When it comes to burglaries, door and window sensors are often the first to detect them. Since they monitor access points, these sensors allow ample opportunity to catch an intruder before they do any real damage. What's more, installation of sensors on your doors and windows requires no drilling or holes, thanks to cellular technology.

Doorbell Camera

For greater home protection, add a doorbell camera to your Michigan home alarm system, so you can see and hear everything on your front porch no matter where you might be. Through the system's camera, you'll be able to see guests and even talk directly through a built in speaker and microphone. The system can be accessed through your control panel at home or from anywhere using your mobile device. That means you won't have to talk to sales people, and criminals will never know you aren't at home.


A home security system can help safeguard your family in several ways. For starters, research proves homes with security systems are less likely to be targeted by burglars. And window stickers and yard signs from your security provider are a great way to keep potential intruders away from your Michigan home.

When you include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home security system, you can feel confident knowing that your home is monitored 24 hours a day, every day of the week. This means you'll get immediate assistance even if you're sleeping or away on vacation.

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