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The Benefits of Protecting Your New York Home With a Security System

Would you like to lower the chances of your home being burglarized? Installing a home security system can actually lower the chances of this happening by three times**. This matters because New York is still vulnerable to thefts, assaults, and burglaries, even though it is usually a very safe and secure place to live. Safeguard your possessions and your loved-ones by installing an alarm system in your New York home—this is one of the simplest things you can do to make your home more secure. Don't wait to defend your home—call today for details.

Peace of Mind

Installing home security in your New York home not only safeguards your possessions, it also keeps your loved ones safe. Even when you're not at home, you can rest easy knowing that what you hold most dear is protected by a security system.

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Protection

A traditional fire alarm is only effective if you're home to hear it. On the other hand, when your home security system includes smoke alarms and fire alrams, they're monitored every hour of the day and night. That means help is on the way to your New York residence as soon as there's a problem, and you don't even have to be home to receive it.

On average, 438 annual deaths occur in the U.S. as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. Since carbon monoxide is a tasteless and odorless gas, connecting your home security system to carbon monoxide monitors is one of the most effective ways to help protect your family.

Energy Savings

You already know that home security systems can help keep your New York residence safe, but were you aware they can also help you cut down on expenses while protecting mother nature? Save big on energy costs with the ability to manage your lights, thermostat, or other appliances while you're away from home—all from your smartphone or mobile device.

Smart Home Automation

The next era of home automation solutions is now available with home security systems. Conveniently access smart home automation abilities via a smartphone or tablet and change the temperature in your New York home, manage your lights, and turn your appliances off and on. That means you can forget that uncertain feeling that comes when you're not sure if you turned off the iron or one of your other home appliances. With an automated home alarm system, you get the latest and greatest technology to keep your home safe and comfortable, which you can always access via your smartphone or other mobile devices.

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What You're Getting with a Home Security System in New York

You've got a lot going on in your life, devoting your mental resources to concerns about the security of your home shouldn't add to that complexity. Fortunately, as a resident of New York, there's a lot of security equipment options that can potentially reduce the amount of attention you devote to these types of matters. Just take a look at some of these innovative home security choices that New York residents can utilize:

Control Panel

New York home security systems have come a long way since the days of numbered keypad control panels. Nowadays, control panels with touchscreen functionality give you full control over your home security. Today's alarm systems are also easier to use, with smart technology-enabled control panels that are user-friendly, adaptable to your needs, and have video functionality.

Security Cameras

Wouldn't it be nice to keep a closer eye on your home, even when you're not there? It's now a possibility, when you take advantage of a New York alarm system that includes security cameras. In fact, you'll have visual access to everything captured by your home security cameras through your smartphone or other mobile device. So you'll be able to see what your kids are up to, check on your pets, watch for a delivery, and much more.

Motion Sensors

Want to further enhance the protection of your family? Motion sensors will do the trick. Equipping your New York security system with motion sensors will not only alert you to an intruder as soon as they break into your home, but also keep your children safe by alerting you when they're too close to the furnace, in the garage, or any other area in the house that's unsafe. And because the alarm system is monitored all day every day, you'll know your house and family are protected even if you're not home.

Door and Window Sensors

Doors and windows are typically the top choice for burglars tying to enter your home. These entry points need to be fortified to ensure you're better protected from potential burglars. Installing door and window sensors means you'll be immediately alerted of any unwelcome activity. What's more, installing these security sensors is easy, because they utilize wireless technology that doesn't require you to drill holes in your walls.

Doorbell Camera

What if you could actually see who's ringing your doorbell even when you're not home? When your New York home alarm system includes a doorbell camera, you can use the control panel or even your smartphone to see who is at your front door and talk to them via a video chat option. The microphone and speaker lets you instruct delivery people where to deposit packages or turn away solicitors—without requiring you to open the door or even to be at home.


Are you looking for a way to protect your family, home, and possessions? A monitored home security system is the best solution, according to research data. When a home has visible security system stickers and signs, it is less likely to be broken into.

Security should go beyond deterring criminals, though. Some threats are right inside of your New York home. By adding smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to your home security system, you'll be alerted at the onset of a potentially dangerous situation. Plus, your system is monitored around the clock, so your home is safe whether or not you're there.

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