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The Benefits of Protecting Your Oregon Home With a Security System

Did you know that installing a home security system will make your home three times** less likely to be burglarized? This is important, because while there are many wonderful reasons to live in Oregon, assault, theft, and burglary are still sometimes issues that residents need to face. Protect your Oregon home with an alarm system and start enjoying the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that your home and your loved-ones are safer. Make the call today for more details.

Peace of Mind

Installing a home security system is an effective way to give your possessions extra protection, but protecting your family is an even higher priority. Whether you're at home in Oregon or away on business, you need to know that your loved ones are safe.

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Protection

Adding monitored alarms to your Oregon home security system can help increase your safety. Since the alarms are monitored all day, every day, you'll be able to be ahead of the game if an emergency occurs. Even if you're not at home, help will be on the way.

A simple way to make your home safer is to add fire and smoke alarms to your home security system—then any sign of fire will be detected immediately by the monitoring center. Carbon monoxide monitors are equally important, since carbon monoxide is a tasteless and odorless gas that you can't detect on your own. And sadly, across the nation, approximately 438 annual deaths occur because of carbon monoxide poisoning. Stay safer with a carbon monoxide alarm.

Energy Savings

How many times have you walked out the door of your Oregon home without adjusting your thermostat? This tiny error can lead to a bigger electric bill than necessary. But with a home security system, you can adjust the thermostat remotely from your smartphone or Internet-enabled device, which is good for both your wallet and the environment. Lights and small appliances can also be controlled remotely. Schedule them to turn on right before you get home from work, or set them to turn on and off while you're on a trip. Not only do today's advanced home security systems keep your home safe, but they also help you save money and energy.

Smart Home Automation

Several home alarm systems offer the ability to manage various home settings by smartphone or mobile device through smart home automation abilities—whether you're at home, or away. Experience greater freedom and peace of mind by turning small appliances, lights, and many other features of your home on or off remotely. That means no more stressing if you forget to do it before you leave the house! With select home alarm systems, you can even warm up or cool off your Oregon house to the perfect temperature before you get home.

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What You're Getting with a Home Security System in Oregon

Are you looking for security equipment that will make your Oregon property more secure? A simple way to address this issue is to find a reliable security system provider in Oregon that provides services like home monitoring. Take a look at some of the useful security products that you can take advantage of right now:

Control Panel

The heart of your Oregon home security system is the control panel. Today's control panels feature touchscreen functionality and video, enabling you to control your home's technology with the touch of a button. You can say goodbye to inconvenient, outdated keypad panels and switch to a more intuitive option: touchscreen control panels. Your home's alarm system will start to immediately adapt to your lifestyle, since they feature intuitive smart technology.

Security Cameras

A Oregon alarm system that incorporates security cameras gives you added convenience and peace of mind. No matter where you are, home security cameras make it possible to monitor the activity at your home. You can find out who's coming and going from your home, keep tabs on household workers, or check in on the well-being of your loved ones and pets. And you can see it all remotely on your smartphone or tablet.

Motion Sensors

Do you want to know the moment an unwanted guest or burglar enters your household? Get motion sensors for your home security system! Motion sensors can also be programmed to keep tabs on your children and pets, helping you keep prevent them from entering certain areas of your home. You'll feel confident that your home is completely safeguarded, as these sensors are monitored around the clock and provide alerts to your Oregon security system. That means your loved ones will be protected even when you can't be right there with them in the moment.

Door and Window Sensors

Keep burglars and criminals out of your home by securing points of access. With sensors on your doors and windows, you'll not only add another layer of protection to your home, but you'll also be warned as soon as anyone tries to break in. And with the addition of cellular technology, door and window sensors no longer require installation by drilling and hard-wiring.

Doorbell Camera

Equipping your Oregon home alarm system with a doorbell camera gives you real-time access to view the front door even when you're not on the other side. Using a speaker and microphone you can talk to potential guests and, with your mobile device or the control panel, you can view live video from behind closed doors. What's more, the video recording feature means that if there is an attempted break-in, you'll have footage to help find the perpetrators.


According to research, criminals are less likely to invade a home if they know it is protected by a home security system. One way to do this by advertising your security system with signs in your yard and stickers in your windows.

Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors add critical protection to any effective home security system in Oregon. And you'll feel safe knowing that your detectors are being monitored at all times.

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