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The Benefits of Protecting Your Vermont Home With a Security System

It is important to be aware of crime in your area so that you can take necessary steps to ensure your safety. Although Vermont is generally a very happy and safe place to live, there are still sometimes problems like assault, theft, and burglary. The good news is that it isn't very hard to improve your safety—purchasing an alarm system can measurably increase the security of your home. In fact, studies show that installing a home security system can reduce the likelihood of your home being burglarized—your Vermont home is actually three times** less likely to fall victim to a burglary when you protect it with an alarm system. Find out how to make your home more secure—call today!

Peace of Mind

Protecting valuable possessions is an important part of home security, but it's not always first on everyone's priority list. Even more important, a home security system can help protect your Vermont family, so you can go about your business knowing they're safe.

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Protection

Experience a heightened level of security for your Vermont home when you add monitored alarms to your home security system. Since the alarms are monitored all day, every day, you get the fastest response possible when an emergency occurs. Emergency crews will be dispatched immediately, even when you're not home.

Unlike traditional fire alarms which must be heard to be effective, fire and smoke alarms that are connected to your security system can sense danger and notify the monitoring center without your involvement. Carbon monoxide monitors are equally important, since carbon monoxide is a tasteless and odorless gas that you can't detect on your own. Unfortunately that carbon monoxide poisoning is responsible for a national average of 438 annual deaths. Equip your security system with carbon monoxide monitors to protect your family and your home.

Energy Savings

You can reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy costs—and all you need is a smartphone or mobile device. Home security systems not only protect your Vermont home, but also help you go green while saving you money. Through your smartphone or mobile device you can remotely set your home's temperature and turn on or off lights no matter where you are. Get one of today's fantastic deals to gain control of your home from the palm of your hand, reduce your environmental impact, and save money.

Smart Home Automation

These days, the home security systems available for Vermont customers often come with home automation features. With this technology, you can conveniently manage your home's lighting and temperature using a smartphone or mobile device. So you'll never have to stumble through a dark, cold home at the end of the day. Plus, the smart home automation abilities of most home alarm systems allow you to control other appliances remotely, which is good for both your peace of mind and your budget.

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What You're Getting with a Home Security System in Vermont

You shouldn't have to question the security of your household. With a dependable home security system in Vermont, you can protect your loved ones without lifting a finger, letting you kick back and relax at home. Here are just some of the excellent security products currently on the market for Vermont residents:

Control Panel

The control panels utilized by today's home security systems in Vermont offer more high-tech solutions and greater access to your security features than ever before. They also deliver more advanced capabilities, touchscreen functionality, and state-of-the-art video—all wrapped up in a sleek, modern design. And with control panels that feature smart technology, your home alarm system has the ability to learn your family's routine and provide service that's suited to your individual needs.

Security Cameras

If you want a view of any action around your home at any time of day or night, your Vermont alarm system's home security cameras are a vital feature. Whether you need to check on your children, watch for a delivery, or keep tabs on home repairs, you'll always be able to keep an eye on your home from the convenience of your mobile device or smartphone.

Motion Sensors

The addition of motion sensors amps up the power of your Vermont security system. They can make you aware the moment a child, elderly parent, or pet enters a potentially unsafe area—like the pool deck. In addition, motion sensors can detect when your property experiences any out-of-the-ordinary movement that might indicate a burglar. If they do, your security company—where systems are monitored 24/7—will be promptly notified. You can feel good knowing someone is directly monitoring your home's security, regardless of whether you're around to do so.

Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors can serve as the first place where break-ins are detected. With these sensors, your home's points of entry are better protected, giving you as much time as possible to react in the event of an intruder. What's more, installation of sensors on your doors and windows requires no drilling or holes, thanks to cellular technology.

Doorbell Camera

Imagine the convenience of being able to interact with people at your front door whether or not you're home. When your Vermont home alarm system includes a doorbell camera, you can use the control panel or even your smartphone to see who is at your front door and talk to them via a video chat option. You'll no longer have to answer the door to accept a package or chase away solicitors. You can speak to them through built in audio functions, whether you're out and about on your cellphone, or sitting in your living room with the control panel.


Research indicates that you're less likely to experience a crime at your home if you have a security system. One of the best ways to repel criminals is by advertising your security system with yard signs and window stickers.

Installing extra security features can be one of the best ways to keep your Vermont home safe, particularly when there are so many potential issues that can start from both inside and outside your home. When you add smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to your home security system, you're ensuring that your home is monitored 24/7 so you, and the proper authorities, can be alerted as soon as danger presents itself.

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