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48 or 60 Month Monitoring Agreement (48 months in CA) at a minimum of $49.99/mo, home ownership, and satisfactory credit history required. Local permit fees and/or sales tax may apply. Services not available in all areas.

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“The thermostat has ended up saving us about $50 to $75 a month by using the energy saving schedules with slight modifications”-Kristy L., Illinois

“I choose a product or service because of the price, but I stay because of the people.”-Patrick D., Ohio

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Vivint in Corpus Christi. Enjoy simple, affordable home automation in Corpus Christi TX from Vivint. Easily control your home security, lamps, thermostat and more.

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Vivint Offers Great Deals On Simple, Affordable Home Automation In Corpus Christi

Monitoring from Vivint in Corpus Christi provides customers with an environmentally alarm system designed to help protect you and your family against fires, burglaries, and other catastrophic events. By using any compatible smartphone or computer, you can easily control your home automation with advanced technology from Vivint.

In just over a decade, Vivint has become one of the largest home automation companies in North America. More than a half-million people in North America count on Vivint to protect their homes and families.

Look no further if you want an eco-friendly, all-digital security system. Vivint Corpus Christi home automation can help you keep your family safe.

Choose A Vivint Security System Package For Your Corpus Christi Home And Be Protected Against Fire, Theft, And Home Invasion

Save time and money with this Vivint Security System package, while protecting your home against burglars and other home invaders. The SkyControl Panel links each device in your security system, controlling the entire system from one central location.

Get peace of mind knowing your home is always being monitored. The equipment in the Security package is completely wireless. The cell signals used in every Vivint security system means that nobody can control your system but you.

Use Less Energy In Your Corpus Christi Home With The Vivint Energy Management Package

Keep your home and cut costs with the Corpus Christi Vivint Energy Management package, and save money on utilities at the same time. Protect your home and the environment the best way possible.

Energy conservation and reduced carbon footprints are very important aspects of life for many people in Texas. It's easy to do your part to improve the environment with Vivint's Energy Management package. Doing your part to save the planet doesn't have to be expensive.

Manage the thermostat in your home from your smartphone with the Vivint app. Save an average of $24 a month by heating and cooling your house during non-peak hours.

The Vivint Home Automation Package Is The Ultimate In Home Security In Corpus Christi

Get automatic door locks, video surveillance, and non-emergency alerts with the Vivint Home Automation package, on top of everything included with the Energy and Security packages. Your home can have this energy-efficient home automation system for just $69.99 a month from Vivint in Corpus Christi, TX, along with a $199 activation charge.

You can receive your own video surveillance camera your Corpus Christi home. From your phone or computer you can schedule record times, setup cameras to record when motion is detected, or even watch recorded clips. Monitor what is happening around your home from wherever you are, any time of the day or night.

Even when you're not in your home, you can know what is happening at your house with non-emergency alerts. Keep the kids out of certain areas of your house-like liquor or gun cabinets-by placing these monitoring sensors on them.

You want to save energy when you are not at home, but at the same time you don't want to leave your house dark for the entire time you're gone. Home Automation in Corpus Christi, TX lets you control your home, even when you're away. With the Vivint lighting control system you can turn lights and appliances on or off from your computer or smartphone while you're on-the-go.

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*48 or 60 Month Monitoring Agreement (48 months in CA and WI), home ownership, and satisfactory credit history required. Minimum $99 Activation Fee required. Local permit fees and/or sales tax may apply. Services not available in all areas. Services provided by Vivint, Inc. Services in Louisiana provided by Vivint, Louisiana F1819. See for Vivint's licensing information.