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Vivint in Wisconsin

Enjoy simple, affordable home automation in Wisconsin from Vivint. Easily control your home security, lamps, thermostat and more.

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Vivint Testimonials

Read what Vivint customers have to say about Vivint products & services

The thermostat has ended up saving us about $50 to $75 a month by using the energy saving schedules with slight modifications.

Kristy L. | Illinois

I choose a product or service because of the price, but I stay because of the people.

Patrick D. | Ohio

My Vivint home automation system gives me control of my home anytime, anywhere. The ease of access is amazing.

Dennis C. | Arizona

I don't like coming home to a dark house, so I turn my lights on using the timer on Vivint's small appliance module. It's great. I come home feeling safe.

Elizabeth L. | Indiana

Make Sure Your Wisconsin Home is Energy Efficient and Secure

With more than 500,000 customers throughout America and Canada, Vivint is one of North America's fastest growing home automation companies. Vivint continues to revolutionize the home automation industry with incomparable customer service and top notch technology. Easily reduce the amount of energy that your home uses, protect your family, and automate your essential functions, all at once, with Vivint WI. Vivint home automation in Wisconsin is helping to make customers' lives more convenient. Vivint's home automation technologies will help you to control systems in your home like lighting and cooling, right from the convenience of your own computer or smartphone.

Simplify your Wisconsin home security with a Vivint Smart package, including safeguards from burglary, fires, and intrusion. With a Vivint WI Smart Protect package, you'll increase the efficiency of your home, and save money too. With the ability to control your thermostat and small appliances remotely, you will reduce your carbon footprint and lower your utility bills

  • Save up to $180/year with Smart Energy[1]
  • Keep tabs on your home from anywhere
  • Stay connected to loved ones and pets

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Live the Simple Life with a Vivint Smart package

It's time to intuitively manage your home the smart way and connect all the devices that make it run with a WI Vivint Smart package. This solution is smart, will fit your budget, and it's easy. Through Vivint home automation in Wisconsin, your home's lighting, heating, cooling, security, and small appliances can all be managed from any web-enabeld device. This is all done by downloading a free Vivint app to your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android device; this application will give you total remote access to your Vivint system.

If you are away from home, a Vivint Smart package allows you to adjust your home's heating, lights, and you can even arm your home security system. When you are home, you can control your Vivint system using your phone or computer, or you can instead use the control panel supplied by Vivint. In addition to the central control panel, Vivint automation systems can include doorbell cameras, video surveillance equipment and everything from the Energy and Security packages too. This package is all about saving time and money.

Home Security, the Smart Way in Wisconsin from Vivint

Protecting your home and family with a home security system is an absolute essential.. Safeguarding your home and family from burglary, fire, and intrusion is where Vivint security in Wisconsin comes in. By getting a Smart package from Vivint, protecting your home is easy and convenient. Each and every Wisconsin Vivint security system is directly connected to a monitoring center. Each monitoring center is staffed with expertly-trained emergency response dispatchers that will monitor your house 24/7 and notify you the instant they detect that something is amiss.

Vivint security systems offer the added safety of a wireless security system that can't be disabled by an intruder cutting the wires. Therefore, there is no way that a burglar can disable the alarm system by cutting the wires because everything communicates via electronic signals. A home security system from Vivint WI also comes with additional equipment to increase security levels. Equipment included is 1 yard sign, 3 window and door sensors, 1 key fob remote, and 1 motion detector.

Boost Your Wisconsin Home's Energy Efficiency

Are you trying to save save money and the environment at the same time? Homeowners can easily reduce their carbon foot print and their monthly utility bills with a Wisconsin Vivint Smart package.

A Vivint Smart package will let you control your home's energy usage. Control your home's lighting, small appliances, and HVAC, from anywhere by downloading a free app to your smartphone. Have you had it up to here with adjusting the thermostat every time you leave the house to save money? Every Smart Protect package from Vivint Wisconsin comes with a Smart Thermostat that simplifies the process. The Smart Thermostat lets you program instant adjustments to your home's temperature, and it won't matter if you're home or not.

Vivint in Wisconsin

Enjoy simple, affordable home automation in Wisconsin from Vivint. Easily control your home security, lamps, thermostat and more.

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