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Make Your Home Smarter with Vivint Smart Devices

Seamless integration and full-home protection make Vivint smart devices the smarter choice.

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Vivint CO detector
CO Detector

Carbon monoxide is odorless, tasteless, invisible, and at excessive levels, very dangerous. Keep your family safe with a Vivint smart CO detector, which alerts you when CO levels get too high.

Vivint keyless door lock
Keyless Door Lock

Unlock your front door using the Vivint control touchpad on the keyless door lock or the Smart Home App. Ensure only the people you trust can get into your home, and the people you don’t, stay out. No need for keys when you’ve got the code.

Vivint garage door control
Garage Door Control

Never accidentally leave your garage door open again. With 24/7 updates and mobile connectivity with your Smart Home App, the Garage Door Control will give you peace of mind knowing your garage is secure.

Vivint key fob
Key Fob

Secure your home from a distance when you have the Vivint Key Fob. Whether you’re arming or disarming your home, locking or unlocking your doors, or in the midst of an emergency, the Vivint Key Fob is your remote key to a safer home.

Vivint Smart Drive
Smart Drive

Like a DVR but for your life, the Vivint Smart Drive records and saves any and every event in and around your home. With person detection in place, you’ll never miss a potential burglary or your kids coming in past curfew.

Vivint garage lighting control
Lighting Control

With the Vivint Lamp Module, not only can you control your lights through schedules and the Smart Home App, you can also control your small appliances to ensure your energy bill isn’t through the roof.

Vivint medical alert pendant
Medical Alert Pendant

Unexpected emergencies can happen at any time. With the wearable Vivint Medical Alert Pendant, we’ll be ready to help you with just a push of a button. You’re never alone with the Vivint Medical Alert Pendant around your neck.

Vivint smoke detector
Smoke Detector

Unlike other smoke detectors, the Vivint Smoke Detector works seamlessly with your other smart devices to make a fire emergency into more of a breeze. Check the battery using the Smart Home App to avoid late-night surprise chirping.

Vivint temperature detector
Temperature Detector

Vivint’s Heat and Freeze Alarm will let you know when your in-home temperature is well above or well below your optimal temperature to help you avoid heat exhaustion or frozen pipes.

Vivint element thermostat
Element Thermostat

The Vivint Element Thermostat ensures you’re comfortable in your home any time of the day. Don’t worry about programming your thermostat if you don’t get around to it— the Element Thermostat programs the perfect temperature for you based on your preferences.

Vivint burglar alarm
Burglar Alarm

From video surveillance to security sensors, make sure your home is safe and secure with a full burglar alarm system. Never be caught off guard by a break-in with around-the-clock surveillance and seamless integration to your smart home devices and Smart Home App.

It’s Not Just Your Home, It’s Your Life

You care about more than just your belongings—you care about your livelihood. That’s why Vivint offers smart devices that keep you, your family, and your home safe. From the CO Detector to the Medical Alert Pendant, you will always get the help you need when you need it from Vivint.

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Vivint Smart Drive

Modern Appeal for the Modern Home Where Security Meets Style

Sleek and stylish designs make Vivint smart devices fit seamlessly into any living space. Install your thermostat in the hallway, place your temperature detector on the kitchen counter, or keep your Lamp Module by your bed. No matter where your devices are, your smart home can be a fashionable one, too.

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