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Vivint Security in Calgary, AB

Protect Your Home and Everyone in it

Living in a city with over a million people means that property crimes, like burglary, are a reality of life in Calgary. The city alone reported over 4,500 cases of residential breaking and entering, according to Calgary police statistics. Fortunately, you can add an extra line of defense between yourself and would-be burglars by signing up for a Vivint home security system.

From Beltline to Riverbend, Calgary residents can get top-of-the-line technology and features from Vivint. Not only can you enjoy round-the-clock recording and infrared technology with Vivint’s indoor and outdoor cameras, but you also get 24/7 monitoring and the latest technology to secure your home. Vivint packages are fully customizable, meaning you can get exactly what you need without paying extra for things you don’t. So whether you need the two-way communication capabilities of the indoor Ping Camera or automatic door locks you can control from your phone, Vivint has you covered. Get a home security partner you can count on: call now at 1-855-578-2089to learn more about Vivint in Canada.

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Calgary reported over 4,500 cases of residential breaking and entering

What Will You Get with Vivint Systems in Calgary?

Vivint Security customers in Calgary have a lot of choices when it comes to their home security features, and the ideal package varies from person to person. While many Canadians opt to include outdoor cameras for exterior surveillance, you may find that an indoor camera is better suited to your needs. And the beauty of it is that Vivint allows you to pick and choose the best features to protect your home. Whether you want door and window sensors, glass break sensors, or motion sensors, Vivint has everything you need to help protect your home from intruders.

Of course, Vivint’s smart home security options can do more than protect your property from break-ins. Many Calgary customers also like to include carbon monoxide detectors, flood detectors, and smoke detectors to protect their families from other threats. And when you pair your home security devices with smart devices like automatic door locks, garage door controls, and your Amazon Echo, your home can become a haven of security and convenience.

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Transforming Your Calgary House into a Vivint Smart Home

Getting Vivint Smart Home services isn’t just affordable: it’s also as simple and comprehensive as possible! With a Vivint home automation package, you can easily communicate with your home, establish preferences, and receive notifications anytime something crucial happens.

For starters, every Vivint smart home system includes remote control over your system via the Vivint Sky app and a Vivint SkyControl Panel, a user-friendly interface that lets you control home automation features from anywhere in the world. From there, you can turn your lights on and off, arm your security system, and even call for help in an emergency. You can even integrate your system with the Nest thermostat. Pairing your Nest with the Vivint Sky app allows your Nest to better memorize your patterns and maximize your energy efficiency for more savings.

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That’s just the beginning! With Vivint, you can also enjoy:

  • The Vivint Doorbell Camera
  • Instant 2-way communication via Vivint’s Ping Camera
  • Remote lighting and appliance control
  • Amazon® Echo Compatibility

To get the height of technology for your home in Calgary, call 1-855-578-2089 and get a quote today.

How Do I Get Started with Vivint in Calgary?

Installing your Vivint home security system is a hassle-free process. Once you’ve signed up, Vivint customer service will contact you to confirm your installation date and time. Your free system installation* will then be performed by a professional Vivint technician, who will help you determine the best places to install your security cameras, motion sensors, and any other equipment you’ve elected to include in your package. Your technician can even help you upgrade your features on the spot, if you choose, and answer any of your questions. Once your system is activated, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing Vivint’s 24x7 monitoring staff is on the job, working to keep your home safe.

Another important step in your installation is getting your alarm registered with the Calgary Police Services. Each Calgary resident or business owner with an alarm system is required by law to register their system by submitting an application and paying a small fee. To find out more about local ordinances and how they may affect your system installation, give Vivint customer service a call.

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