The Vivint Garage Door ControllerKeep your home secure with mobile alerts,
remote access, and more.

Modernize Your Garage Door Opener

A Vivint Garage Door Controller increases convenience while improving your home security. No matter where you might be, you can monitor and control your garage door from almost anywhere. Just use the Vivint SkyControl panel or Vivint SkyControl app for more complete home automation and stop stressing because you may have accidentally left the garage open on the way to work.

Garage Door Remote Control

There'll be no need to quickly dash out of the garage after you've pressed the close button. Safely open or shut your garage door from within your home, vehicle, or even from the office.

Garage Door Monitoring

Receive notifications on your mobile device every time your garage door opens or closes.

Works with SkyControl & Echo

Your Vivint Garage Door Controller works in tandem with the Vivint SkyControl panel as well as home automation devices such as Amazon Echo's “Alexa.”.

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Increase Your Home's Security

A Vivint garage door opener puts your mind at ease and gives you more control of your home’s safety. Open-door notifications on your mobile device can help prevent theft or vandalism, while audible and visual warnings (when the garage door is about to open or close) help prevent injuries and property damage.

Secure entry

Protect your home from unauthorized entry and ensure that your bike, car, and other belongings are kept safe with the ability to close your garage door from anywhere.

Mobile Alerts

Create custom notifications on your mobile device to help alert you whenever your garage door opens or closes.

Audible & visual warnings:

When you open or close the garage door via the Vivint SkyControl panel or Vivint SkyControl app, the system will automatically beep and flash to alert those nearby, limiting accidental injury or property damage.

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A Step Toward Complete Home Automation

A Vivint Garage Door Opener is just one piece of a fully automated Vivint Smart Home. Use your Garage Door Controller with the following devices for improved home automation:

Amazon Echo

Add voice control by connecting your garage door opener with Amazon Echo’s “Alexa,” and you can open or shut your garage with just a few words.

Vivint Doorbell Camera

Use your Garage Door Controller in conjunction with your Vivint Doorbell Camera to allow a delivery person to leave a package safely in the garage.

Control panel & mobile app

Control your garage easily whether you’re home or away through the Vivint SkyControl panel and Vivint SkyControl app.

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Garage Door Controller Specs

Install Duration
Range from Panel
Mounting Height
Remote Access Compatible
Battery Backup

30 min

About 30 ft. (subject to many variables)

11 feet (max)


None. The device will reconnect once power is restored