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Home security and surveillance equipment

Vivint offers a wide selection of top-quality smart home products and home security equipment, so you can automate your home with ease. Customize your package by including your pick of Vivint home automation accessories. When you buy Vivint equipment, you'll increase the security of your home while adding convenience to your every day. Take a peek at the smart home security equipment and devices below to discover your options.

Vivint Doorbell Camera

Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro

vivint indoor camera

Indoor Camera

vivint smart thermostat


vivint door lock key pad

Door Locks/Deadbolts

vivint garage door controller

Garage Door Controller

vivint outdoor camera

Outdoor Camera Pro

Vivint Smart Drive

Vivint Smart Drive®

Vivint home security equipment overview

Vivint understands that each household is unique. That’s why when you buy Vivint equipment, you get the freedom to choose the home security equipment needed to build a Vivint alarm system that best suits your home. Simply pick the Vivint compatible equipment that fits your household to create a customized package you’re sure to love.

Vivint Door and Window Sensors Home Blueprint

Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors use magnets and motion sensors to notify you when a door or window opens. Ensure you don’t have any unwanted visitors entering your home.

Vivint Recessed Door Sensor Home Blueprint

Recessed Door Sensor

Another way to keep your doors in check, the recessed door sensor is tamper-proof, notifying you when someone comes through.

 Vivint Motion Sensor Home Blueprint

Motion Sensor

Place one or ten motion sensors in your home to protect every nook and cranny. With infrared technology, motion sensors notify you when there’s movement in places there shouldn’t be.

Vivint Tilt Sensor Home Blueprint

Tilt Sensor

Thieves don’t just enter through windows and doors. Place the tilt sensor in your garage to protect your vehicles and any other valuables while also ensuring no one enters through that personal entrance.

Vivint Glass Break Detector Home Blueprint

Glass Break Detector

A break or a crack, the glass break detector will notify you if a window or a glass pane is tampered with. Using dual shatter recognition technology, you’ll always know when your glass needs attention.

Vivint Key Fob home Blueprint

Key Fob

The Vivint Key Fob is the most versatile equipment Vivint offers. Arm or disarm your security system from a distance, lock and unlock your doors when leaving or arriving, and press the panic button in case of an emergency.

Vivint Panic Pendant Home Blueprint

Panic Pendant

The panic pendant is vital in case of an emergency, allowing for two-way communication between yourself and a trained professional.

Vivint Carbon Monoxide Detector Home Blueprint

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide won’t sneak up on you with the carbon monoxide detector. The alarm will sound immediately when elevated levels of carbon monoxide are detected in your home.

Vivint Smoke Detector Home Blueprint

Smoke Detector

With a smart smoke detector, your security system works together to detect the smoke, contain the fire through a smart thermostat, and unlock your doors so you can get to safety quickly.

Vivint Water Leak Detector Home Blueprint

Water Leak Detector

The water leak detector will notify you quickly if water starts to cover the sensor. It can also monitor extreme temperature changes, letting you proactively stop leaks from happening in the first place.

Vivint Lamp Module Home Blueprint

Lamp Module

Control all your lights and appliances with the Vivint Lamp Module. Features include dimmer controls, scheduling capability, and vacation mode.

Vivint Door and Window Sensor

Door & Window Sensor

Vivint Recessed Door Sensor

Recessed Door Sensor

Vivint Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

Vivint Tilt Sensor

Tilt Sensor

Vivint Glass Break Detector

Glass Break Detector

Vivint Key Fob

Key Fob

Vivint Medical Pendant

Medical Pendant

Vivint Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Vivint Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors

Vivint Temperature / Flood Sensor

Temperature / Flood Sensor

Vivint Lamp Module

Lamp Module

Vivint equipment—always wireless

Vivint delivers intelligent, affordable home security equipment and smart home products that are easy to use. Perhaps the most brilliant aspect of Vivint equipment is that all of it is 100 percent wireless—no more pesky wires or unsightly holes in your wall. Wireless home security equipment allows you to control Vivint compatible equipment from the Vivint app or the Vivint Smart Hub (formerly known as Vivint SkyControl). And with Vivint Z-Wave technology, you'll feel secure and comfortable, knowing your home automation system is working in the background.

With so many options for your home, you might feel like you need a little extra guidance. Learn more about Vivint's high-tech, easy-to-operate products by giving us a call.

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Keep it smart with Vivint

What works with Vivint works for you, so you can stay safe and protected while keeping your smart home intact. Vivint equipment works seamlessly with additional Vivint components but plays nice with others as well. Vivint compatible equipment can integrate with your Vivint equipment without any issues. With Alexa and Google Assistant products, you can make sure your house is protected with the sound of your voice.

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