Vivint smart drive

Vivint Smart Drive

Vivint’s home surveillance video recorder autosaves every moment

Search and share the Vivint Smart Drive™ more easily.

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Vivint Playback™ autosaves recordings and creates clips

Vivint DVR technology, called Vivint Playback™, doesn’t wait for you to schedule recordings—this surveillance video recorder technology autosaves every hour of continuous recording. But it also helps you find key moments easily. When Vivint cameras and other sensors in your home detect motion—for example, when there’s unusual movement in the hall at night or your kid finally makes that basket from the free-throw line—Playback™ automatically saves the events as Smart Clips™ and flags them on your timeline. Review all your Vivint camera recordings and clips anytime from the Vivint Smart Home® App.

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Vivint Smart Drive® stores 30 days of footage

Some security cameras only save motion-activated footage, but Vivint video monitoring records 24/7 (sometimes the context leading up to a break-in is just as relevant as the event itself). But admittedly, that’s a lot of security camera DVR footage that needs a home. Enter the Vivint Smart Drive™, a sleek external storage device that automatically stores your last 30 days of continuous footage and syncs to your whole security system through the Smart Hub™ so you can pull footage up on your smartphone anytime.

Vivint video recording features

Event markers

When Vivint cameras or other sensors in your home detect motion, Vivint Playback™ DVR technology creates 20- or 30-second clips called Smart Clips™ and flags them on your timeline for easier searching.

Wi-Fi uploading

Since Vivint cameras connect wirelessly to the Smart Drive™, you can instantly access your footage by mobile app. Plus, Wi-Fi means fewer connector cables for burglars to cut and disable your cameras.

Search & share clips

If you want to share a Smart Clip™ or any other clip from your timeline, Vivint Playback™ generates 30-second, 90-second, and 5-minute downloadable clips you can send to police, friends, or family.


of US households (over 24 million) use security cameras.

Source: IPVM

Vivint Smart Drive™ specs

Playback camera compatibility

Outdoor Camera Pro (Gen 2),
Doorbell Camera Pro (Gen 2),
Indoor Camera Pro

Storage capacity

64GB (Built-in SD Cards)

Playback compatibility

iOS and Android

Vivint App requirements

App Version 2.1 or newer



Required panel firmware

3.23.0 or newer


Minimum 1 Mbps upload and download speed for camera and panel only.

Minimum 2 Mbps upload and download speed for Vivint Playback, camera, and panel

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How many cameras can I use with Vivint Smart Drive™?

You can connect up to four cameras to your Vivint Smart Drive™ without putting undue stress on your Wi-Fi network. That means you can spring for an extra camera facing the basement doors and expect the same stable HD quality from your security footage as before—plus the same performance you usually expect when you’re using home Wi-Fi for streaming, gaming, or shopping.

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