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Vivint—simply smarter

VivintSource.com is one of the nation's premier online Vivint® retailers. Our goals are to give you great deals on Vivint® service and to provide an easy way for you to order. We work hard to ensure that your order is filled quickly so you can enjoy Vivint®‘s wide range of services in your home.

The Internet is a large place. While some online marketers are not interested in their clients, we provide personalized attention to your needs.

Clearlink® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sykes Enterprises, Inc. with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have over 10 years of experience in the home security and automation business. VivintSource.com uses sound business principles to establish itself as one of the best and most dependable online retailers in the market.


To live intelligently is the core philosophy behind the high-tech products used in Vivint security systems and is one of the reasons that we here at VivintSource.com partnered with Vivint. As one of North America’s largest home automation companies, Vivint is dedicated to serving hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers with smart technology for home security and management.

Vivint networks all home smart systems for security, energy and automation. HVAC, home security, video surveillance, lighting, small appliances and other components can now be accessed and operated remotely using Vivint’s wireless technology.

Top-notch customer service and superior products have boosted the standing of Vivint to the top of the list for home security and automation. The company originated in 1999 as now well-known APX Alarm. In February 2011, the company was rebranded with the name of Vivint, which derives from the words “vive” (to live) and “intelligent” (smart).

Co-founded by CEO Todd Pedersen, the company has grown from an innovative idea to a thriving business serving almost 500,000 customers with leading edge technology for home security and automation. Vivint operates in most U.S. states and in Canada, with business offices in Provo, UT, South St. Paul, MN, and Calgary, AB, Canada.

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Consistent innovation

Vivint has always followed a creative vision for the future, finding new new, innovative methods for home automation and management by providing leading edge Vivint home security products to the marketplace. Important examples customer service that goes beyond just product purchases includes providing severe weather and tornado alerts to Vivint customers living in tornado areas.

This corporation has always taken a pro-consumer stance with customer service. Vivint also provides over a million dollars in funding and thousands of hours of volunteer assistance through its charitable foundation. The combination of superb customer service, excellence in product offerings and charitable efforts resulted in the naming of Todd Pedersen as Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 by Ernst & Young, for the Utah Region services category.

Continued growth

Vivint security products and home automation equipment use leading edge technology, including wireless remote controls. When APX introduced its Go!Control panel for security and home energy and automation systems in October 2009, it gained status as a leader in touch screen technology. The company has grown carefully under the skills of Todd Pedersen, from 44,000 customers in 2005 to over ten times that number today.

A multi-million dollar credit agreement with Goldman Sachs allowed APX to further expansion efforts. By 2009, the Corporation moved to a 125,000 sq. ft. headquarters facility in Provo, UT. Meter Solutions was acquired in January, 2011, followed by rebranding of the company as Vivint, on February 1, 2011. Another new development is a partnership with Tendrill and Constellation Energy and building a new smart grid training facility in Austin, TX. In October 2011, Vivint Solar was created with the purpose of providing simple, renewable and affordable solar solutions to customers.