Protect your most personal spaces

The Vivint Indoor Camera Pro keeps careful watch while respecting your privacy.


Record what’s relevant

Collect video evidence during a home invasion by putting a security camera indoors — and keep the footage and alerts as relevant as possible with intelligent person detection from the Vivint Indoor Camera Pro.

  • Record people and alarm events

  • Watch whole rooms or zones, e.g., safes or bar cabinets

  • Pair with monitoring plans to alert Vivint if needed


Save footage reliably

Thanks to its built-in storage card, the Vivint Indoor Camera Pro stores footage and supports high-quality video playback — even if your Wi-Fi is acting up.

  • Event-based clips or 24/7 recording

  • Less buffering when seeking or scrubbing

  • Live feed and stored footage visible on the app


See in the dark

Nighttime may be the most important time to keep watch — and Vivint’s indoor security camera makes sure you can. With two high-powered infrared LEDs and an IR cut filter, expect crisp definition at night and brilliant colors during the day.






Built-in speaker and microphone


1.05 lbs

Required panel firmware

3.23.0 or newer

AC adapter

Input: 100-240V @ 50-60Hz AC, 0.2A; output: 12VDC, 1.5A


4.2 in (h) x 2.6 in (w) x 2.6 in (d)

Field of view

150° horizontal, 80° vertical

Power usage

12-24V AC or DC, 1.0A min.

Night vision

2 high-powered infrared LEDs (850nm) with IR cut filter


WiFi connection: WiFi 6

Video resolution

Full 1080p HD w/ 2x HDR

Product Protection Plan

The Vivint Protection Plan* (VPP) offers ongoing support and coverage when you invest in a Vivint system. We’ll repair or replace eligible Vivint equipment without service fees or shipping charges for covered events as long as you’re enrolled in the program. This optional Protection Plan renews monthly, and you can cancel anytime without penalty.

Limitations and exclusions apply—review the Terms and Conditions for complete details at


Minimum 1 Mbps upload and download speed for camera and panel only.

Minimum 2 Mbps upload and download speed for Vivint Playback/Smart Drive, camera, and panel.

Power connection (no battery)


Audio disabled on business accounts

Records people and alarm events

Not to record through windows at night

Plug & play with 9 foot cord length

Have questions? Give us a call.


Industry-leading features

Person-based clips

Record, view, and save 90-second clips triggered by human activity — not pets.

24/7 recording upgrade

Switch from clips to continuous recording with Vivint Playback DVR.* Saves up to 10 days.

Instant notifications

Hit the panic button during a home invasion or nip an unchaperoned party in the bud.

Built-in storage

Rely on the SD card to save and stream footage with high reliability.


Control the zoom on your camera viewfinder right from your phone.

Two-way talk

Communicate with the kids when they get home from school.

HD video

Record and stream footage in 1080p with brilliant clarity even at night.

Custom zones

Limit recording to areas you want burglars (and your kids) to avoid.

Privacy Mode

Turn off recording anytime so you don’t get alerts of your own activity.

*up to 12 cameras, for up to 10 days

Woman wearing orange uses laptop at home.


Respect your privacy

Security cameras should watch for trouble, not for your comfy comings and goings around the house. Turn on Privacy Mode to keep your security camera indoor clips and alerts relevant.

  • Set a schedule or flip on manually

  • Use with clip-based or continuous recording

Frequently asked questions

What indoor camera is compatible with Vivint?

The Vivint Indoor Camera Pro is the only indoor security camera compatible with Vivint systems. When you add the indoor camera to your plan, you’ll be able to control your settings from the same app you use for the rest of your system.

Adding a Vivint indoor security camera to your system also lets you take advantage of preset and customized automations. For example, your camera comes programmed to record automatically if your central alarm sounds. You can also tell it to record when your outdoor camera turns on, your garage door opens, or your smart deadbolt unlocks.

Does Vivint have a wireless camera?

All Vivint cameras connect to your Vivint system and mobile app via Wi-Fi or hybrid wired setup.

Wi-Fi technology doesn’t make Vivint cameras completely cordless, however. They all run on a hardwired power source so you don’t have to worry about battery failure, and Vivint’s indoor security camera in particular comes with a 9-foot power cord so you have more flexibility on where to place it. Your Smart Home Pro installer will help you choose the best placement and keep the cords tidy.

What is the best indoor wireless security camera?

The following features make the Vivint Indoor Camera Pro a standout among top wireless indoor cams:

  • Integrates with your entire Vivint system, all controlled via Vivint Smart Hub or mobile app

  • Syncs with other Vivint equipment via easy-to-use Custom Actions

  • Works with Wi-Fi 6 routers and high-speed internet including gig service

  • Combines Wi-Fi with built-in SD card to maximize playback quality from your app

  • Supports 24/7 live feed from your mobile app and continuous recording with Vivint Playback

Where should I place my indoor camera?

It’s easy to find a great spot for your Vivint indoor security camera thanks to these carefully designed features:

  • 140° wide angle offers wall-to-wall coverage in many rooms

  • 80° vertical angle minimizes irrelevant floor/ceiling views

  • 9-foot power cord expands your outlet options

  • Flexible mounting gives you more physical control over the angle

The most important factor that makes your camera placement easy? Vivint Smart Home Pros are expertly trained to place and install your cameras for maximum effectiveness.

What are the benefits of having an indoor camera?

Having a security camera indoors can alert potential intruders that they’re being watched and hopefully scare them off — not to mention capture footage that may help you deal with the aftermath effectively.

Indoor cameras can also protect your family from safety risks right at home, for example, a cabinet of hazardous household supplies or an unauthorized house party while you’re out of town.

The Vivint Indoor Camera Pro accomplishes all these goals through smart features such as person detection, customizable surveillance zones, and instant alerts.

Call 1-855-645-0403 now to get a quote on adding the indoor security camera to your Vivint system.

How does the Vivint indoor camera integrate with other Vivint smart home products?

With if/then rules called Custom Actions, you can get extremely granular with how your Vivint products work together. For example, your Indoor Camera Pro always starts recording when there’s an alarm event — but you can also set it to record when someone unlocks a smart deadbolt during the night, drives away with Car Guard in your vehicle, or opens your garage door when you aren’t home.

How does Vivint ensure user privacy with indoor camera technology?

With Vivint’s indoor security camera, you can turn on Privacy Mode to stop recording when you’re home and start again when you leave. You can use Privacy Mode on a whim or set a schedule.

Rest assured, footage from all Vivint cameras stays private unless you share it. Vivint monitoring centers never check the status of individual pieces of equipment unprompted — they keep tabs only on your alarm status.

The only time Vivint professionals access your footage is when it’s relevant to a technical support or customer service request. If that happens, your agent will get permission and explain what they’re doing at each step of troubleshooting.

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