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Do You Have a Working Smoke Detector in Your Home?

Every second matters when there’s fire danger. That’s why Vivint responds within an average of eight seconds once your alarm goes off.

Vivint Smoke Alarm

Your New Vivint Smoke Alarm at a Glance

The Vivint fire alarm isn’t just another smoke detector. It works with your smart home system to make your life easier, especially when you need it most.

  • Wireless
  • Battery operated (no need to worry about outages)
  • Tracks battery condition

Vivint Responds to Emergencies in an Average of 8 Seconds

If your security alarm ever goes off, you may start to panic—but within just an average of 8 seconds, a Vivint security agent will call to verify the alarm, contact the police, and help you decide what to do next. Here are a few more reasons you can trust Vivint monitoring to show up for you when it matters most:

  • 24/7 monitoring ensures safety day and night
  • An average 8-second response time beats the industry average by 52 seconds
  • Monitoring center staffs highly trained, in-house specialists, never outsourced hires
  • The center won 2017 Monitoring Center of the Year* for excellent service and dependability
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Working home smoke detectors decrease your risk of dying in a house fire by 54 percent.

Source: National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

Why a Smart Smoke Detector Is the Best Choice

Smoke alarms are crucial in every home. However, standard ones can only help by alerting you to danger. A Vivint smoke detector works with your other smart home products to warn you, contain the fire, and help you escape quickly.

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Sound the Alarm

Your alarm will trigger when it detects smoke or extreme heat.

Thermostat Icon

Contain the Fire

Your smart thermostat will help slow down the fire by turning off airflow.

Smart Lock Icon

Get to Safety

Your smart locks will unlock so you get out without fumbling with the door.

Precise, Professional Installation by Vivint Smart Home Pros™

Vivint is committed to giving you quality service at every step, including installation. That’s why Vivint carefully vets and trains every installation tech it hires, and never outsources the job to third-party dealers. Feel more comfortable and confident on installation day knowing that your Vivint Smart Home Pro™ will get the job done right.

Vivint Cameras Spotted a House Fire in Seconds

When a slight waft of smoke blew across an indoor camera at the Jones family’s house, Vivint called 911 immediately.

Product Specs

Smoke Alarm Detector
  • Color


  • Size

    5.6" d x 2.4" h

  • Frequency

    345 MHz

  • Siren Level


  • Mounting

    Screws and bracket

  • Battery

    3 AAA batteries

  • Battery Life

    5 years

  • Product Replacement Plan

    Free replacement for defective hardware if subscribing to a Vivint service plan. (May require a separate site visit fee.) For product defects only. Does not include product failure due to abuse, normal wear and tear, acts of God, etc. as determined by a Smart Home Pro.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Vivint smoke detector?

Putting your system into test mode will detect and reset your home smoke detectors. Follow these four steps to reset your alarm. 1. Tap Menu or Settings. 2. Select Security. 3. Enter your 4-digit PIN. 4. Tap System test.

How do I test my Vivint smoke alarm?

While it varies depending on your panel, you can usually test your system (including your smoke alarm) in a few simple steps. 1. Tap Menu or Settings. 2. Select Security. 3. Enter your 4-digit PIN. 4. Tap System test.

How do I change the battery in my Vivint smoke detector?

Turn your fire detector counter-clockwise to remove it from its base. Remove the old batteries and dispose of them safely. Insert three new AAA batteries. Then, twist your smart smoke alarm clockwise to secure it onto its base.

How often should I change the battery in my smoke detector?

You should change your Vivint smoke alarm battery, at a minimum, every five years.

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