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React Fast with a Burglar Alarm System

Security cameras and glass break, door, and window sensors instantly alert you and your 24/7 security monitoring team to potential break-ins.

Security Alarm Products for Property Protection

Assembling a burglar deterrent package? Start with these key elements. Remember that many Vivint Security products sync seamlessly with your Vivint control panel, broadcasting alarms and signaling both you and your Vivint Smart Home Pros™ to the possibility of danger.

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Smart Video Surveillance

Outdoor and indoor video cameras automatically start recording if they detect motion, sending you an alert and the motion-activated clip.

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Security Sensors

Security sensors for doors and windows let you know when an entrance to your home opens, while glass break sensors sound an alarm when glass shatters.

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Smart Home App®

If you’re away during a break-in, your burglar alarm’s connection to the Vivint Smart Home® App will text you an alert so you can respond immediately.

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$1 billion

In 2017, property crimes resulted in a net loss of over $15 billion.

Source: FBI

Customers’ Favorite House Alarm Features

A Vivint burglar alarm system does even more than draw attention to intruders. It’s also intuitive, wirelessly enabled, and easily customizable to every household’s unique needs.

24/7 First-Party Monitoring and Support

Instead of outsourcing customer service and monitoring, Vivint professionals always have their eyes on your home. Your smart home control panel includes a two-way voice connection to your security team; with the swipe of a finger, you contact experts who can send immediate assistance.

Medical Alerts

If you live alone and experience a medical emergency or injury, you can’t always get to the phone. Luckily, Vivint’s medical panic alert pendant connects wirelessly to your smart home control panel. When Vivint professionals get a medical alert notification, they can send an emergency response team straight to your home.

100-Decibel Burglar Alarm

There’s no chance of missing alerts from your home alarms: Vivint sensors and alarms reach up to 100 decibels, about the same as a construction drill. The sound notifies you to the problem, scares the burglar away, and might even let your neighbors know something’s afoot if you’re out of town.

Cellular Connection

No landline phone? No problem. Vivint systems use a cellular connection, not a wired landline connection, to loop you in with your 24/7 Vivint monitoring team.

Battery Power

Worried about burglars taking advantage of power outages? Vivint sensors rely on backup battery power. Even if your city’s grid is down or some of your electric wires are cut, the power loss won’t compromise your security—an attempted intrusion will still trigger the alarm.

Monthly Monitoring Packages for Your Vivint Smart Home

With Vivint, you choose the level of protection and automation you’re happiest with. To get started, browse the plans below and then call 1-855-583-2845for a personalized quote on the Vivint smart products you’ve got your eye on.

Choose Your Own Payment Model with Vivint Flex Pay

Vivint started the Flex Pay model to make the smart home experience possible for families of all budgets and investing styles. Whether you want to go all-in on your Vivint equipment now or take the more manageable monthly track with financing, Flex Pay gives you that freedom*.

Call 1-855-583-2845for a customized Flex Pay quote on the products you want!

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