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Find Out About Vivint Smart Home Automation in Fairbanks, AK

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Enjoy Efficiency and Convenience with Vivint Home Automation

What if you never had to remember to turn off your lights or lock your doors? What if your home could learn your temperature preferences and automatically determine the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home? It may sound like science fiction, but these features and many more are available from Vivint right now.

With a Vivint smart home, you can impress your friends with your advanced home control by using your phone or touch screen control panel to adjust the lighting in any room of your house. You’ll also save money, as smart appliances help you use energy more efficiently. Plus, if you’re ever visiting your friends in Lemeta or Ester and you forget to lock your doors, you can simply take care of it via your smartphone.

What Can Vivint Home Automation Do for Your Fairbanks Home?

Fairbanks residents may be used to the cold, but you shouldn’t have to deal with low temperatures inside your home. Vivint home automation technology can integrate with your Nest thermostat and Amazon® Echo. With Nest, your home can learn your habits and help you maximize your energy efficiency. You can even control your Nest from your phone or touchscreen control panel via the Vivint Sky App, allowing you to turn on the heat during your commute so you come home to a warm, comfortable house. And when you pair your Vivint smart home features with your Amazon Echo, you can enjoy voice-activated home control for even greater convenience and ease.

Many residents around Fairbanks also prefer Vivint home security features like outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras, smoke and glass break sensors, and tilt sensors, which are important for keeping your home safe and secure. All of these sensors can be linked with the Vivint Sky App to send you alerts, so you can always be aware of what is going on at your property, whether you’re at work or running errands in Aurora. Call now at 1-833-794-2592to learn more about how a Vivint Smart Home will improve your Fairbanks home!

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Property crimes affect 1 in 35 people in Fairbanks

Protect Your Family and Property with Vivint

While Fairbanks is certainly one of the most beautiful and exciting places to live in the Last Frontier State, the city recently received a 9 out of 100 on this nationwide safety index, according to 2015 FBI statistics. This means that, statistically, only 9% of U.S. cities feature a higher crime rate. And though reported violent crimes in Fairbanks are lower than the Alaskan average, 1 in 26 Fairbanksans become victims of property crime while the statewide property crime rate is only 1 in 35.

Of course, just because Fairbanks has its share of crime doesn’t mean that you have to become a victim. With Vivint, Fairbanks residents can integrate ultra-sleek home automation features with high-tech home security for the ultimate in protection and convenience. Using the Vivint Sky App, not only can your access your lighting and appliances—you can also view live feeds from your security cameras and receive updates from your motion sensors. And with the quality assistance available from Vivint customer service and features like carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, home monitoring, you can rest easy, knowing your home and family are being looked after.

Vivint Offers Easy Installation for Your Home Automation System

Vivint makes it easy to get set up with smart home automation or smart home security. Just check out this video on What to Expect During Your Vivint Installation! Vivint technicians are expertly trained to identify the best spots for your cameras, sensors, and other devices to maximize their performance. Plus, Vivint customer service works hard to make every step of the process smooth and easy.

When signing up for a new home security system, it’s also important to consider local ordinances. Like many cities in the U.S., Fairbanks requires residents to register their alarm system. This is primarily so that emergency personnel can quickly identify your address and other pertinent information in the event of an alarm, but it also helps to reduce the high costs of dealing with false alarms. To learn more about the rules regarding alarm permits in Fairbanks, you can contact your local law enforcement agency or check out the ordinance.

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Not only is Vivint smart home technology a major update for the 21st century household—it’s also convenient and economical. With home automation, you can easily adjust your lighting, temperature, and more, even while you’re away from home. Plus, it helps you better regulate your energy consumption, saving you money in the process. So what have you got to lose? Call us today at 1-833-794-2592to learn about all the current offers on Vivint smart home products and services.

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