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How Much Can I Save With Vivint?

With Vivint Energy Management, you'll enjoy an efficient system that utilizes smart home technology to conserve energy and save you money.

Why How Much You Save Can Vary

The exact amount of money you might save varies depending on your home, preferences, and living situation. Savings estimates can be affected by the size and type of home, such as an apartment versus a two-story home, as well as your home's location, particularly when it comes to average temperatures in your area. These temperatures determine the amount of power usage you need to heat and cool your home during the year.

Everyone is also different in terms of the amount of power they use on a daily basis. This can be based on anything from the number of small and large appliances in your home to whether or not you leave the lights or TV on when it's time to go to sleep.

That being said, general estimates for savings from using Vivint Energy Management do exist. The company found that with the proper use of its programmable smart thermostat and by using the Vivint Sky system to adequately control small appliances' energy outputs, you may be able to save up to $183 per year on utilities. This is just one estimate, however, which is based on a typical, single-family home that experiences average temperatures throughout the year.

Where Do the Savings Come From?

Your biggest savings come from proper use of the smart thermostat. According to, heating and cooling your home accounts for roughly 48 percent of a household's utility expenses. By regulating the amount of electricity you use to power your heating and cooling system using a Vivint smart thermostat, you may reduce a large portion of your monthly utility bill.

These savings also don't take into account the energy you conserve by connecting your home's small appliances to the Vivint Sky system. This system allows you to turn on and off these appliances whether or not you're at home using your smartphone or the Web. If you forget to turn something off before you leave home, now you don't have to waste the energy it would take to keep the appliance on while you were away. Instead, you can conserve that energy, which saves you more money.

With Vivint Energy Management's smart home and home automation services, you not only help the environment by conserving energy, but you help yourself by saving money on your monthly utility bill.

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