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How Does Vivint Send Medical Alerts?

You can’t predict when a slip, fall or other medical emergency may happen. If it does, the Vivint medical pendant can help you get the assistance you need, even if you can’t reach the phone.

How is the emergency signal sent?

When the user needs help, they simply press and hold the medical pendant’s activation button for two to three seconds. To confirm the emergency signal was transmitted to the Vivint Central Monitoring Station, the LED located on the top of the pendant will illuminate for about one second. When the pendant is activated, it sends a signal to the Vivint SkyControl panel. From there the signal is transmitted to the Vivint Central Monitoring Station. For the pedant’s signal to be sent, it must be within 300 feet of the Vivint SkyControl panel. A trained Vivint professional located at the Vivint Central Monitoring Station will receive the signal and contact emergency services on the user’s behalf.

Who uses Vivint’s medical pendant?

The Vivint medical pendant is perfect for elderly people who want to enjoy their independence while having the reassurance help is standing by if they need it. But the elderly aren’t the only ones who may use Vivint’s medical pendant. People with permanent disabilities, those recovering from an injury and people who live alone may also find the Vivint medical pendant gives them valuable peace of mind. And caretakers will appreciate that the Vivint medical alert system can help their loved one 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even when they can’t.

What makes Vivint’s medical pendant different from others?

Vivint’s medical pendant is one of the smallest remote pendants in the industry, and it’s incredibly lightweight so it’s comfortable to wear. The Vivint medical pendant is water-resistant and can be worn with the supplied lanyard, belt clip, or wristband. It can also be tucked in a shirt pocket or purse. As an alternative, the pendant can be permanently mounted in a location where the user might need help, such as in a bathroom or next to the bed.

Can I call for help using the Vivint SkyControl touchscreen panel?

The Vivint medical pendant is a powerful tool, but if it’s not nearby when an emergency occurs, you can use the Vivint SkyControl touchscreen panel to get the help you need. Vivint understands that when you’re having an emergency, time is of the essence. That’s one reason why Vivint includes a 2-Way Voice communication system in every SkyControl touchscreen panel. This allows you to speak with a trained Vivint professional at the Central Monitoring Station via the control panel anytime an alert is triggered. The Vivint professional will listen to you carefully to find out what type of emergency you’re having, and get the proper emergency response personnel on the way immediately. If appropriate, they’ll keep talking with you until help arrives.

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