Is Vivint available in Canada?

If you live in Canada and want to take advantage of Vivint's security or home automation services, you'll be glad to hear Vivint Canada is expanding. In fact, Vivint's offices and field technicians cover 98 percent of North America, so there's a good chance you can now enjoy service and support from Vivint, or will be able to soon, no matter where you live in Canada.

Vivint Security Canada and TELUS Security

Vivint Security Canada was acquired by TELUS Security in 2022, which means Vivint’s high-quality products and security monitoring will now operate on TELUS’s award-winning wireless and fibre networks. For the time being, Vivint customers will continue receiving all monitoring services, technical support, and billing directly from Vivint. Later changes may include more chances for customers to bundle and save on Vivint and TELUS packages.

Vivint and TELUS will release more information on the acquisition as it becomes available, so stay tuned! Visit to get customer support related to the change, or call 1-833-368-1550 to ask about Vivint offers in your area.

Vivint security services

As a Vivint Canada customer, you can expect the same great services U.S. based customers get. Here are just a few of the benefits of Vivint security in Canada.

Remote access

Every Vivint system offers you the ability to control the security of your Canadian home remotely, via the Vivint app. You can do things like lock or unlock doors and turn appliances on or off. Best yet, Vivint offers you the convenience of remote access at no additional charge.

Wireless home security

Vivint's monitored home security system is completely wireless, which offers a number of advantages over traditional wired systems. Because Vivint operates off of cellular technology, you don't need a home phone and you won't have to worry about unsightly holes being drilled in your home's walls. Another benefit of Vivint's wireless home security platform is that a burglar can't disable it by cutting the phone line outside of your home. Plus, the Vivint control panel is tamperproof. Even if the burglar rips the Vivint control panel off the wall, a signal is still sent to the Vivint monitoring center.

State-of-the-art equipment

Vivint Canada provides you with top-notch security equipment and offers an abundance of hardware choices to help meet your individual needs. You might consider starting with a basic Vivint home security package and adding more features as necessary.

Equipment and inclusions are subject to change. As of the TELUS acquisition in 2022, Vivint Canada's basic package includes the following:

  • One LCD touchscreen panel: The touchscreen panel is the hub of your Vivint home security system. It connects your alarm to the Vivint's Central Monitoring Station (CMS).

  • Three door and window sensors: When a door or window opens and sensors break contact, your activated Vivint alarm will sound.

  • One motion detector: Vivint's motion detectors use cutting edge infrared technology to monitor any areas of your home you want to enhance security.

  • One key fob: A key fob is perfect for those times you're in a hurry and forget to arm your system from the control panel, or when your arms are full and getting to the control panel is a hassle.

  • One yard sign: Your Vivint yard sign warns burglars and other potential intruders that you're serious about home security.

If you choose to, you can add additional detectors and sensors, as well as special equipment, such as glass break detectors, panic pendants and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Vivint home automation

As a Vivint Canadian customer you can also take advantage of high-tech home automation features, and do things like:

  • Adjust your home's thermostat remotely so your home is the perfect temperature the minute you walk in the door.

  • Watch live video of your home when you're around the block or around the world. You'll never again wonder if the kids are doing their homework, or if the family pet is staying out of trouble.

  • Record motion-activated video and watch saved clips of your home right from your Web enabled device.

With all of these features and more, we aren't surprised that "Consumers Digest" rated Vivint's Advanced Security and Home Automation packages as a "Best Buy."

First-class service and support

Last but certainly not least, you can expect first-class customer service and support from Vivint Canada. During the TELUS acquisition, Vivint Canada will continue handling all customer support needs, from installation to billing to daily service and monitoring.

For starters, a Vivint professional monitors your system 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Vivint's headquarters are in Provo, Utah, and its corporate office in Canada is located in Lethbridge, AB. Vivint was founded 15 years ago by current day Vivint CEO, Todd Pedersen. Since that time, Vivint has grown from a small startup to one of the largest home security and smart home technology providers in North America. Vivint has also been showered with industry awards that recognize its commitment to customer service, innovation and more.

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