Is Vivint wireless?

If you've been comparing home security providers, you may be wondering if Vivint is a wireless security system. The answer is yes; Vivint is a completely wireless home security system.

Vivint wireless technology means there are no wires to cut.

Traditional wired systems are vulnerable to attack by burglars or other intruders. All they have to do is cut the phone line outside of your home and the security system is rendered useless. Because Vivint uses cellular technology, there are no wires for the intruder to cut. In fact, with Vivint wireless, you don't even need a home phone.

Holes won't be drilled throughout your home.

A traditional system requires unsightly holes to be drilled throughout your home to run the system's wires. A Vivint wireless alarm only requires two small holes be drilled. One hole feeds wires that link the SkyControl touchscreen panel to your home's power source and the other hole is used to install recessed door sensors, if you opt for them. Other devices such as detectors and sensors are installed throughout your home using unobtrusive screws.

Vivint is easy to pack up and take with you when you move.

If you decide to move, you can take Vivint with you. In fact, Vivint will move your wireless home security system and install it in your new home for free if you sign up for a new 42-month monitoring agreement. If you don't want to sign up for a new agreement, Vivint charges a $100 fee to move the system to your new home.

Vivint wireless is tamperproof.

Even if an intruder knocks your panel off the wall, every piece of your equipment will be fully functional and the Central Monitoring Station will still get your alarm call. If a burglar rips the wires out of a traditional home security system, the monitoring center won't receive the alarm signal.

Vivint is easy to install.

Thanks to wireless technology, Vivint is much easier to install than a traditional wired system. A Vivint Field Service Professional will visit your home, install your system, and walk you through every feature on the SkyControl touchscreen panel. Then, your Vivint installer will help you set up your online Vivint account and show you how to operate your wireless system via your smartphone or tablet.

Say so-long to old school phone lines and outdated technology. Vivint's wireless home security system couples the latest home security products with advanced cellular technology to deliver best in class service. If you're looking for a wireless home security system, you've found it.

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