What's the difference between Vivint's services?

With Vivint's complete smart home package, you gain access to three distinct smart home features: Vivint Home Security, Home Automation, and Energy Management. The thread that binds the three systems together is the Vivint Sky system. It allows you to control the functions of any of the three systems using any web-enabled device, the keypad, or smart thermostat in your home.

Beyond that, each of these facets of the complete Vivint Smart Home Solutions package has its own distinct features and advantages.

Vivint home security services

With Vivint home security, you enjoy a completely wireless home security system, which can help prevent others from cutting wires and disarming your security system. Having Vivint's wireless home security system installed in your home helps you worry less about the safety of your home.

The Vivint Home Security package comes with one touchscreen panel, three door and window sensors, one motion detector, one key fob, and one Vivint yard sign. You can add additional equipment as needed. A Vivint installer will customize your smart home system to suit your lifestyle, which may include cameras, door locks, and additional motion detectors. Other optional equipment includes a smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, glass break detector, and panic pendant.

Vivint Live Communication and monitoring is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Trained security professionals are always available to respond when something happens in your home. Vivint offers some of the fastest response times in the industry, as noted with their win of the 2012 CSAA Central Station of the Year Award.

Vivint mobile applications allow you to control your home security system from anywhere, anytime. This remote access means you can monitor your cameras from the office or receive custom notifications about movement in or around your home while you're on vacation.

Vivint home automation services

With Vivint Home Automation, you upgrade your home with state-of-the-art smart home technology. This technology enables you to control electronic door locks, a smart thermostat, and security cameras, all with your mobile device.

By using your live video stream, you can check in on your pets while you're taking a break at work or check to see who's at the front door. You can even customize your system to send you notifications whenever events happen in your home, like if a door or window opens or if sensors detect a problem.

With Vivint home automation, you get electronic door locks, which you can control with your mobile device. This means you no longer have to leave a hide-a-key box outside of your home that could end up in the wrong hands or worry about being locked out again. And if you ever need to let your children inside after school or your neighbor when she comes to feed your pet, you can easily unlock and relock the door with a simple swipe.

Vivint energy management services

Vivint Energy Management lets you control the energy you use in your home, no matter where you are. The package comes with a smart thermostat, which lets you decide when to run your heating/cooling system, helping you conserve energy and save money. It allows you to adjust the temperature in your home and set timers to control the temperature automatically. If you want the heater to turn on just before you get home from work, you can program it to do so. Similarly, you can set the smart thermostat to gradually cool down your home as it nears bedtime.

If you forget to turn off the lamps in your home before leaving for the day or before getting in bed, Vivint Energy Management allows you to turn them off remotely using the Vivint app. This goes for small appliances as well, from the curling iron to the toaster. This way, these items won't waste valuable energy that could be costing you extra money.

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