What is Vivint energy management?

Home automation is not only an innovative and convenient technology—it is sustainable as well. Saving money, energy, and the environment by integrating automation into everyday tasks at home is what drives Vivint Energy Management to provide its effective products and solutions. These solutions run on Vivint Sky, an easy-to-use, integrated system that allows you to control your home from anywhere via your smartphone, the Web, or the panel on your wall.

Using a smart thermostat and small appliance controls, you can see how Vivint Energy Management is dedicated to a healthier environment and a manageable utilities budget for you.

Smart thermostat

The way you heat and cool your home, particularly in the most severe temperatures, often determines the amount of energy your home uses in a day or month. It also controls the amount of your monthly energy bill. While you may use space heaters, ceiling fans, rotating tower fans, or even crack a window to heat or cool your home, chances are you also make good use of your AC and heating system, which you control with your home thermostat.

With Vivint Energy Management, you receive a smart thermostat that offers you different options for controlling the air temperature of your home. You can change the temperature at any time, from anywhere with any smartphone or Internet connection. This means, while at your desk, you have the ability to shut off the AC you forgot to turn down before leaving for work. Or you can turn the heater back on as you're on your way home from running errands so the house will be toasty right when you walk in.

With the Vivint smart thermostat, you can also schedule your thermostat to control the AC and heat at certain times of day. For example, you can set the thermostat to change to a certain temperature automatically around the time you go to work or get ready for bed at night. This home automation device makes it easier for you to control this aspect of your home life anytime, anywhere.

In addition to saving you the hassle of fiddling with your thermostat, even more importantly, the Vivint smart thermostat will save you money and conserve energy to help the environment. By being able to control when your thermostat switches your heating or cooling system on or off, you can have these systems on only when you need them. This means wasting less energy, and money, that might have been spent needlessly while you were away from home.

Small appliance control

In addition to saving you energy with a smart thermostat, Vivint Energy Management also offers solutions for saving energy by remotely or automatically controlling small appliances in your home. You can turn on or off anything in your home that plugs into a wall, from lights and garage doors to irons and crockpots. This form of home automation can save you money while upgrading your home to the 21st century.

By saving just a few hours worth of energy from any of the small appliances you forgot to turn off before leaving home, you reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. Energy management and conservation are integral parts of the movement for better protection for the environment. Vivint prides itself in taking part in this initiative with products that are sustainable and forward-thinking. By using Vivint Energy Management, you not only help the world around you, but you help yourself and lower your monthly bill totals in the process. Vivint Energy Management is not only a tool for a modern smart home, but it's also a smart investment in itself.

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