What is Vivint home automation?

Vivint Home Automation allows you to control different aspects of your home security and your home, even when you can't be there in person, all by using your smartphone. With Vivint Home Automation, you use automated controls to monitor and change features of your security system and energy management tools whether you're at home or away. This system allows you to control everything from your home security features, like live video feeds and electronic door locks, to lamps and small appliances to help conserve energy.

Smart Hub panel

To connect Vivint Home Automation features to different facets of your home, the Smart Hub panel links this technology together and connects to your smartphone to keep you updated and in control. It's a comprehensive way to run your home intelligence, security, and energy management.

Live video feeds

With Vivint live video, you use the Vivint App to monitor your home and family's activities. Wonder if your pet keeps sneaking into the pantry? Think your kids are skirting their chores? You can find out using live video feed from your mobile device.

You can also connect Vivint Smart Hub to motion-activated video. This allows you to do things like check in on your pets when they're moving around while you're on vacation. If you don't catch the video clip right away, the app stores the clip for later access.

One thing the home automation system won't do, however, is immediately alert your monitoring company if something goes awry. If you catch a break-in, fire, or other emergency in the video feed on your smartphone, you need to report the situation to your monitoring company or the authorities right away.

Electronic door locks

Electronic door locks can replace your hide-a-key box in the garden or the classic key under the doormat, as these are some of the first places would-be burglars look. Electronic locks also help ensure you're never locked out of your home again because you can unlock them from your smartphone or other connected device. If your kids get home from school before you're back from the office, you can unlock the doors from your desk. With a single swipe on your smartphone, you can even let in a neighbor you asked to feed your pet while you're away on vacation.

Energy management

Using Home Automation's Energy Management features, you can control your lights, smart thermostat, and small appliances remotely to turn them on and off whether you are at or away from home. If you forget to turn everything off before leaving for work, you can do so from the office. By using less power in your home, you can save on your utility bill and help protect the environment.

Two-way voice

With two-way voice, if something happens while you're at home, you can speak to a trained response professional using the Smart Hub panel. If you're not at home, this features allows a Vivint security professional to listen in and determine if emergency help is needed.

Custom notifications

With Vivint Home Automation, you can stay connected to your home by receiving a text message anytime something triggers one of the sensors, such as when someone opens a window, unlocks a door, or sets off motion detectors. Having these automatic notifications allows you to rest easy knowing that you are aware of what's going on in your home even while you're away.

Vivint's 2014 TV 'Smart Homes vs. Dumb Home' commercial explains it best: You don't have to live with a 'dumb' home any longer. Don't climb through the dog door because you're locked out of your home. Don't struggle with a dozen remotes and light switches while on your way to work. A smart home outfitted with Vivint Home Automation is one that stays connected with you at all times, whether you're home or miles away.

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