What is Vivint home security?

When it comes to choosing the best home security provider for your needs, it's important to learn how each company you're considering differs from the others. Here are a few key features of Vivint.

Fastest response time in the industry

A Vivint professional is monitoring your system 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. The moment an emergency occurs, these security experts are trained and ready to quickly get the appropriate help on the way. In fact, Vivint's response times are the fastest in the home security industry.

First-class customer service

In an effort to save money, some home security providers choose to outsource their monitoring and services overseas. As a result, customers don't always get the support they need or deserve. Vivint takes a different approach to customer service. It keeps all of its monitoring and service processes in-house, and only uses North American based centers and employees. That could be one reason why Vivint beat out more than 1,500 organizations and was honored with a Silver Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year.

Wireless system offers peace of mind

The Vivint system is completely wireless and operates off cellular technology. Therefore holes won't have to be drilled throughout your home to run wires, and there aren't any wires for an intruder to cut and disable your security system. Plus, the Vivint control panel is tamperproof. Even if a burglar knocks the control panel off the wall in an effort to render it useless, a signal is still sent to the Vivint monitoring center.

Remote access available at no extra charge

Every monitored home security system Vivint offers (even its most basic package) can be remotely accessed via the free Vivint app—at no additional charge. While it's not uncommon for home security companies to offer remote access, there's usually a catch. For example, higher priced packages may include free access, but the homeowner has to pay a monthly fee to unlock remote access features if they purchase a standard or basic package.

Comprehensive security and home automation features

On top of offering the fastest response times in the industry, first-class customer service and free remote access, Vivint home security offers a wealth of futuristic security and home automation features. In fact, Vivint recently rolled out Vivint Smart Hub, a smart home system designed to learn and adapt to its users habits.

Powerful notifications

With Vivint you'll receive a text message alert the moment certain events are triggered, such as a window is opened, someone enters an “off limits” area of your home like the pool deck, or severe weather is expected in your area. You'll also get a text message any time your home's carbon monoxide or smoke detectors indicate an emergency. Use Vivint's text notification feature to know the kids got home from school safely, or someone left the house without locking the door.

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