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Vivint Smart Home security in Las Vegas

Vivint spotlight camera pro

Help keep your family safe with Vivint security

No matter where you live in Vegas—anywhere from Summerlin to Henderson—you’ll be covered with Vivint Las Vegas’ wide range of available home security equipment and home automation features.

When you consider that 19,260 property crimes occurred in Las Vegas in 2015 according to the FBI, it’s easy to see that protecting your home with a security system is an excellent bet in helping maintain the safety of your household.

Curious about the most popular Vivint home security product among Las Vegas locals? Door/window sensors are a favorite, thanks in part to their ability to trigger alarms or alert you if you’ve mistakenly left open a door or window. Other security features, like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, serve to alert you early to potential hazards. Plus, every Vivint home security system brings you 24/7 monitoring by trained Vivint professionals. Call now at 1-855-645-0403 to get Vivint.

What does a typical Vivint system include in Las Vegas?

You’ll have plenty of Vivint security equipment to choose from when you live in Las Vegas, NV. A few customer favorites include the indoor camera, outdoor camera, Vivint smart sensor, and the Element Thermostat™. Home security features like these combined with user-friendly home automation features mean your home will be both secure and streamlined. Plus, Vivint makes it easy to start using your security system right away—no matter your budget. In fact, you can get a complete smart home system for under $2 a day from the #1 smart home services provider in the U.S. For pricing options that fit almost any budget, there’s financing. Pay for your equipment up front without a contract or pay it off over 42 or 60 months for 0% APR.

  • 24/7 monitoring by trained Vivint security agents

  • Indoor/outdoor security cameras and live video clips

  • Remote access with the Vivint mobile app

Smart Thermostat on the hallway wall

Stay ahead of the Joneses with home automation in Las Vegas

It’s not about just keeping up anymore. With Vivint’s wide variety of intuitive home automation equipment, advanced security technology, and sleek designs, your dream home is at your fingertips. Vivint Smart Home automation features will help you run your household like clockwork.

The Vivint Smart Thermostat is designed to record your daily habits and adapt to your routine, giving you a truly personalized smart home experience. Do you typically turn up your thermostat in the morning or turn off your nightstand lamp at 10 pm? The thermostat takes notice and adjusts. And after you’ve spent a long day on the golf green or a night out on the Strip, it can be a true comfort to return to a home that is automated precisely to your tastes.

Smart hub in the kitchen

Some of Vivint’s home automation features

  • Vivint Smart Hub. Acts as a centralized hub, connecting to all your smart home devices.

  • Vivint mobile app. Manage your home automation features remotely on your mobile device.

  • Doorbell Camera Pro. Add a camera and 2-way voice to your doorbell, so you can see and speak with anyone on your porch.

  • Nest Thermostat. Nest learns your daily routines and automates your schedule.

  • Fully integrated equipment. Nest Thermostat, Vivint Smart Thermostat, Amazon® Alexa devices, Doorbell Camera Pro, automated door locks, and more.

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How can I get Vivint home security installed in Las Vegas?

With Vivint Las Vegas, installation is a breeze.

As soon as you track down the home security system that best fits your lifestyle, it’s installation time! Vivint offers free professional installation* and $0 activation. A Vivint specialist will guarantee everything is in working order, so you can start enjoying your home automation services almost immediately.

Plus, in Las Vegas, there’s no law requiring you to register your alarm with the city to prevent false alarms, so once you’re set up, you’re good to go. Call 1-855-645-0403 to get a free quote today.

Get a free estimate for your Las Vegas home today

For a personalized quote, enter your details in the form. A Vivint expert will give you a call to help you navigate costs, discover available limited-time offers, and take advantage of the most up-to-date Vivint specials. Or call now at 1-855-645-0403.

The smartest cities in the Las Vegas metro area

The Las Vegas metropolitan area is usually known as a place of excess: bright lights, luxurious fountains, and street congestion. But if you peel back the glossy veneer, you’ll find lots of green (and no, we’re not referring to the money you lost gambling). Cities within the metro area share a commitment to environmentalism and digital connectivity. Read on to see which cities opted out of the typical red or black and put their chips on green.

Our rubric: how to make a city smart

When crunching the stats to find the smartest cities in the Vegas metro area, we focused on the following categories:

  • Connectivity. The more widely available internet access is for a given city, the higher the Connectivity score. Additional points were awarded for residents’ access to computing devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Public transportation. Breadth and access of city-wide public transportation are key to the success of a modern, smart city. The more available public transportation, the less pollution workers burn on their commute.

  • Green infrastructure. The more a city offers alternative energy sources, the higher its Green Infrastructure score. Green Infrastructure includes access to alternative fuel for vehicles and solar panel installations.

Top of the class: the metro area’s seven smartest cities

Using the classifications above, we did the math to report which cities in the Vegas metro area are the smartest. Here’s who did their homework, from good to great.


Data was gathered from (Table S28011 and Table S08012), as well as the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, the Regional Transportation Commission, Google Project Sunroof, and Alternative Fuels Data Center. The data was originally gathered in March of 2020.

After choosing seven cities in the Las Vegas area, we analyzed six different data points:

  • Connectivity1

    • Number of people with more than one computing device

    • Amount of people with an internet subscription

  • Public Transportation2

    • Percentage of people that take public transportation to work

    • Availability of public transportation

  • Green Infrastructure

    • Number of electric charging stations per 100,000 residents

    • Number of solar installations per 100,000 residents

1Provided information per household in regards to amount of computing devices and amount of people who had internet subscriptions

2Provided information on those who use public transportation to get to work