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Motion detector cameras: your eyes in real time

Vivint’s motion-sensing cameras see it all, so you know it all.

Motion-Activated Security Cameras from Vivint

All three Vivint motion detector cameras use infrared sensors to spot movement and alert you immediately.

What happens when Vivint Motion Detector Cameras sense movement?

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Motion-sensing cameras detect movement and send an alert to your Vivint Smart Home App.

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With Smart Deter, the camera plays a loud sound and flashes its LED lights.

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Quickly connect to a Vivint Smart Home Pro for protection against potential criminals.

Housesitting done right

Running an errand? On vacation? Never worry about what's going in and around your home with motion-activated cameras from Vivint. Vivint's Motion Detector Cameras, give an extra set of eyes and ears at your home while you’re away. If the camera detects any suspicious activity, you’ll receive a notification on the Vivint Smart Home App and can respond quickly and efficiently.

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What's the Field of Vision for Vivint Motion Detector Cameras?

All three Vivint cameras have wide-angle lenses that slim down the invisible spaces where intruders may try to hide. Combine these wide fields of vision with built-in motion sensing technology, and even the most conniving burglars would likely be noticed and filmed before they could attempt to disable your camera.

Vivint Playback™ Vivint Playback™

Vivint Playback™

  • Save, review, and share your motion sensor security camera footage on the go
  • Create downloadable clips of 30, 60, or 90 seconds to share with family or police easily
  • Supports up to four motion-detecting video cameras simultaneously

24/7 protection for the whole family

From your big home to your little newborn, keep an eye on the things that matter most to you 24/7 with Vivint's motion-sensing cameras. Whether you're out and about or in the other room, Vivint Motion Detector Cameras keep an eye out for you, so you don't have to.

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