Add Motion Detector Cameras to Catch Rascals Red-Handed

Vivint's smart motion-sensing cameras respond rapidly so you can too.

Motion-Activated Security Cameras from Vivint

All three Vivint motion detector cameras use infrared sensors to spot movement and alert you immediately.

Front Door

4 years

That's how long an El Paso sports complex went without a single vandalism incident—after fed-up staff installed a motion sensor security camera at the concession stand.

Source: NRPA

What Happens When a Vivint Motion-Sensing Camera Spots Movement?

Although Vivint cameras record around the clock, they become true security stars when they sense motion. By immediately sending live alerts to your Vivint Smart Home App and creating 20- and 30- second Smart Clips™ for later viewing, these wireless motion security cameras keep you quick and agile in the face of a possible home invasion.

For example, if your outdoor motion detection camera senses rustling in the backyard, it pushes a notification to your phone. If you see the alert in time, you can quickly check if the rustling is a neighbor kid retrieving a baseball—or a prowler who's about to get caught. If you don't see the alert in time, you still get something valuable out of it—HD video evidence to share with the police.

Motion-Activated Security Camera Events Stand Out with Vivint Playback™

Built into every Vivint camera, Vivint Playback is a software that makes it easier to save, review, and share your motion sensor security camera footage—whether it's for sentimental or security reasons.

  • Flags movement and autosaves as Smart Clips™ for 45 days, so you have time to review
  • Autosaves ALL camera footage for 30 days on Vivint Smart Drive™, a physical storage device less likely to be hacked
  • Shows entire Playback timeline on the Vivint Smart Home© App, with Smart Clips™ motion event markers for easier search
  • Creates downloadable clips of 30, 60, or 90 seconds to easily share with family or police
  • Supports up to four motion detecting video cameras
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What's the Field of Vision for Vivint Motion Detector Cameras?

All three Vivint cameras have wide-angle lenses that slim down the invisible spaces where intruders may try to hide. Combine these wide fields of vision with built-in motion sensing technology, and even the most conniving burglars would likely be noticed and filmed before they could attempt to disable your camera.

Control All Motion Detector Camera Features from Your Phone or Tablet

Vivint Playback™ video technology notifies your Vivint security system to save Smart Clips™ and back up 30 days of continuous footage on the Smart Drive™.

But the Vivint Smart Home© App brings all these features together into the palm of your hand. With mobile, anytime access to your entire Playback timeline, Smart Clips, and live video feed—plus the live alerts when motion is detected—the Vivint Smart Home© App gives you both instant control over all your motion sensor video cameras and the tools to respond rapidly.

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Motion Detection Cameras Connect and Protect

See—and sometimes talk to—the people moving in and around your house with Vivint's motion detecting security cameras.

Why Vivint Is the Smartest Choice in Home Security

  • Fits security products naturally into your growing smart home.
  • Consolidates smart home control and makes it mobile.
  • Responds to emergencies in record time while you catch your breath.
  • Offers advanced products, including motion-activated security camera systems.
  • Gives you the freedom to invest on your timeline.
  • Provides exceptional service from installation to monitoring to customer care.
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