Your Vivint Home Monitoring System

Your system’s two-way talk control panel and 24/7 security monitoring ensures Vivint professionals are never more than a button press away.

Vivint’s Top Home Security Monitoring Products

With Vivint, you can choose the products you need and skip the ones you don’t—after all, the essential home monitoring products for your home might not be the same as your neighbors’. No matter which products you select, they’ll pair well with your professional Vivint monitoring plan.

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Smart Locks

Lock and unlock your doors—for your kids, repair technician, or pet sitter—using just the Vivint Smart Home® App . Get notified if you forget to lock the door, and take care of it remotely.

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Video Surveillance

Check your video livestream from your phone and see autorecorded clips triggered by motion detected on your property.

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Smart Hub

Control all your smart home and security products from your Vivint Smart Hub™, an in-home touchscreen panel that also gives you two-way voice access to the Vivint security team.

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Just 13% of burglars say they would continue attempting to burglarize a residence once they noticed an alarm system on the property.

Source: UNC Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice

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24/7 Security Monitoring Features

Video surveillance is a crucial feature of security system monitoring, but it isn’t the only feature—24/7 monitoring means so much more than having an extra set of eyes on your home around the clock.

Peace of Mind Protection

A security system should increase your peace of mind around the clock, not just from nine to five. With 24/7 security monitoring from Vivint, professionals can alert you to danger instantly. You can also rest easier on vacation knowing someone you trust has an eye on your home even while you’re away.

Medical Alerts

In a slip and fall accident, getting to the phone to call for help may be impossible. Medical alerts connect you instantly with 24/7 Vivint monitoring personnel for a quick, potentially life-saving intervention.

24/7 Support

Having trouble with a device? Need immediate help? Vivint knows issues don’t always happen at convenient times, so you can connect with a Vivint professional for tech support, customer service, or instant emergency assistance no matter the time of day or night.

2-Way Voice Communication

When speed is of the essence, immediate 2-way voice connection is invaluable. Tap your control panel to connect automatically with a Vivint security professional who can quickly assess the situation and send the appropriate emergency response.

Professional Installation

Vivint offers nationwide professional installation, which includes not just the correct setup of your equipment but also an in-home security consultation, free quote, and tutorial on how to use your Vivint Smart Home® App and control panel.

Family Safety

Taking care of your aging parents? Worried about leaving your older teens home overnight? With home alarm monitoring, family members at home and family members away get immediate danger alerts so everyone can connect for a quick safety check.

Disaster Safety

Floods and fires often start out small, escaping your notice until you’re suddenly faced with a life-threatening situation. A home monitoring system complete with fire and flood alarms lets you get ahead of the problem by getting out of the house in time.

Choose Your Own Payment Model with Vivint Flex Pay

Vivint started the Flex Pay model to make the smart home experience possible for families of all budgets and investing styles. Whether you want to go all-in on your Vivint equipment now or take the more manageable monthly track with financing, Flex Pay gives you that freedom.

Call 1-855-523-2479for a customized Flex Pay quote on the products you want!

HOW FLEX PAY WORKS Purchase equipment NOW
No contract – OR –Pay monthly with financing for 42 or 60 months*

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