Update Your Safety: Find a Wireless Security System

Cut the cord on low-tech security—upgrade to a wireless home security system for 24/7 access and complete remote control.

Easy-to-Integrate Wireless Home Security Products

With Wi-Fi enabled security systems, your favorite security products integrate directly to an app you control, putting home safety firmly in the palm of your hand. Want to check on the kids after school? Access real-time footage from your wireless security cameras. Concerned about leaving your home empty while you travel? Instant glass break or entry sensor mobile notifications let you act quickly in an emergency.

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Video Security

Wireless security camera systems—including high-resolution outdoor cameras, two-way doorbell cameras, and interactive indoor cameras—cover every corner for 24/7, 360-degree security.

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Glass Break Detection

Wireless detectors specifically attuned to the frequency of glass shattering instantly notify your phone if a window breaks, a sliding door shatters, or a skylight fractures.

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Entry & Motion Sensors

Want to know when your kids walk through the door? Entry sensors notify you when a door or window opens, while motion sensors alert you to unexpected movement.

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In 2017, the FBI reported that 57.5% of burglars entered homes forcibly—for instance, by breaking a door or window.

Source: FBI

Vivint Wi-Fi Security System Features

A Vivint wireless alarm system starts with excellent security products, but a complete wireless home security system is even more than the sum of its parts. If you want unparalleled access and faster-than-ever response times from your security monitoring team, wireless security is right for you.

State-of-the-Art Products

Whichever wireless security system devices you’re invested in, you can count on them to weather wind, rain, and whatever other forces come their way. Top-of-the-line Vivint security products easily integrate with other systems like Amazon Echo, and professional installation ensures they’re optimized for location, connectivity, and usability.

First-Party Professional Monitoring

With Vivint, an efficient team of Vivint-only experts manage your every security need. Vivint professionals install your Vivint-made equipment, and Vivint smart home security monitoring teams are the first to respond if an urgent alert goes off in your house.

Control from Your Phone

The secure Vivint Smart Home® App is your hub for complete mobile control. Not around to hear an entry sensor alert? A notification lets you know a window opened or glass shattered. If you use other smart devices like smart locks, the app notifies you of an unlocked door so you can secure it without running home from the office.

Remote Surveillance

Keep an eye on your home even when you’re not there. Your outdoor wireless security camera system is fully accessible anytime via the app. When motion triggers your outdoor cameras (including the doorbell camera) to automatically record, you’ll get a notification and access to the 20-second recording. Plus, outdoor cameras include night vision, so you’re never in the dark.

Disaster Protection

In an emergency, every second counts. Whether you’re home or not, instant phone notifications let you know as soon as a sensor detects smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or potential flooding so you can tell the household to evacuate ASAP.

Smart Spending and Smart Security: Wireless Monitoring Packages

No two households are the same--and no two Wi-Fi home security packages should be, either. Choose your preferred price point and monitoring package below; once you get a quote for your preferred equipment, you can schedule installation with a Vivint professional at your earliest convenience.

To get started, browse the plans below and then call 1-833-367-0648 for a personalized quote on the Vivint smart products you've got your eye on.

Choose Your Own Payment Model with Vivint Flex Pay

Vivint started the Flex Pay model to make the smart home experience possible for families of all budgets and investing styles. Whether you want to go all-in on your Vivint equipment now or take the more manageable monthly track with financing, Flex Pay gives you that freedom.

Call 1-833-367-0648for a customized Flex Pay quote on the products you want!


Purchase equipment NOW
No contract

– OR –

Pay monthly with financing for 42 or 60 months*

Vivint Smart Home Products Work as a Team

A Vivint smart home helps you consolidate your devices into one holistic system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vivint require a phone line?

No. With a wireless security system, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection; your security cameras and other Vivint products connect wirelessly to your Vivint Smart Home® App, which gives you total home system control.

Does Vivint require a contract?

Vivint has one contract-free option and two contract-based plans. If you choose a contract-free plan, you’ll pay for your home security equipment up front, while a 42- or 60-month contract spreads the equipment cost over a longer period of time.

How much does it cost to cancel Vivint?

It depends! If your contract hasn’t yet expired, you’ll need to pay off the remaining contract balance to cancel unless someone else is taking over your contract (for instance, if you’re moving and the new owners want to retain your home security plan). The cost also varies according to individual circumstances; in the event of death, military service, bankruptcy, or a move to a retirement community, you generally won’t have to pay off or transfer the rest of your Vivint contract.

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