Introducing Voice-Controlled Home Automation with Amazon Echo

Control your Vivint home automation system with the sound of your voice

Amazon Echo Integrates with Vivint SkyControl

The latest in convenient home automation has arrived. With Amazon Echo's "Alexa," you'll get voice-activated, hands-free control of all your Vivint home automation devices. There'll be no need to rinse your hands when cooking to switch on the kitchen light or stop the treadmill to turn down the thermostat.By linking your Amazon Echo to your Vivint home automation, you'll get full integration with all Vivint SkyControl apps and devices. That means you can adjust your thermostat, control your lights, manage your appliances, check on the kids, or arm your household with just a short phrase. And since your Vivint Echo uses voice-activated technology, you won't be reliant on your mobile device or SkyControl panel to make changes. For better home control, simply speak to Alexa and instantly override select settings in your Vivint home automation system.

  • Voice-activated technology
  • Full integration with Vivint SkyControl apps & devices

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Amazon Echo Supports These Vivint SkyControl Devices

Your Vivint SkyControl home automation system includes a variety of helpful apps and devices designed to make your home life more comfortable and secure.
Luckily, Amazon Echo is compatible with each and every one, using the sound of your voice to provide complete control over the following home automation features:

Vivint SkyControl Panel & App

Use your voice (instead of a screen) to make adjustments. Speak to Alexa to arm your security system, lock and unlock doors, adjust the thermostat, or manage small appliances—even if you can't find your phone.

Door Locks

Improve your home security with keyless entry. Have Alexa open the back door for the kids when they get home from school or unlock the front entrance for a package delivery.

Lamps & Appliances

Get the mood lighting you want without lifting a finger, or pre-heat the oven while you're still in the shower. With just a few words, you can dim the lights or manage small appliances in any room you wish.

Home Monitoring

Vivint SkyControl lets you conveniently view your home security cameras when you want to check in on your kids, pets, or a maintenance worker. With Amazon Echo integration, you can view the baby's room just by asking.


Alexa gives you hands-free Nest control for the perfect indoor climate at all times. Since you can use your voice, Amazon Echo Nest even allows you stay in your comfy chair to turn down the heat if you get a little warm.

Garage Door

Running a tad late? Ask Alexa to open the garage ahead of you as you run out the door.

Alexa Does What You Tell Her

Alexa is designed with convenience in mind. Use your Amazon Echo home automation system just by saying a few words, and within seconds, your house will adjust accordingly.

Simply use the following phrasing after saying, "Alexa, tell Vivint to…"

  • Turn on my lights
  • Dim my lights
  • Lock my front door
  • Arm my home security system "stay"
  • Arm my home security system "away"
  • Set my AC to 74 degrees
  • Set the timer for 12 minutes
  • Turn my heat down two degrees
  • Open my garage door

You can even ask Alexa to tell Vivint you are going to bed and your Vivint home automation system will turn off the lights, lock the doors, arm the home security system, and lower the thermostat.