Vivint SkyControl Works with Nest® Save money on energy with Vivint—Nest® integration

Nest® Makes Your Vivint SmartHome Even Smarter

Your Vivint home automation system already helps you lock your doors, arm your security system, and manage lamps and appliances all from one convenient Vivint SkyControl panel. Now, you can take the capabilities of your Vivint SmartHome even further with Nest®—a learning thermostat designed to provide intuitive temperature control, better home automation, and significant energy savings.

Effortless Temperature Control

The Nest® Learning Thermostat uses advanced sensors to detect when you are home or away and automatically adjusts the temperature based on your pre-determined preferences. Like it nice and cool while you sleep, but slightly warmer after you get out of bed? Nest® has you covered.

Improved Home Automation

Use your Nest® to set the thermostat and even program your lamps to turn on when your home security system senses an intruder. Learn More

Increased Energy Savings

Nest® takes note of the weather and your home's unique cooling rate to run most efficiently. When you see the Nest® leaf light up, you know you're in the green.

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Comprehensive Vivint—Nest® integration

Your Nest® Learning Thermostat gives you the ability to experience comprehensive home automation by fully integrating with these Vivint devices and apps:

Vivint SkyControl Panel

Add Nest® as your Vivint thermostat, and you can control the temperature along with the rest of your Vivint home automation devices all from one central access point. Learn More

Amazon Echo

Integrate "Alexa" with your Vivint home automation system, and you can control Nest® with your voice from anywhere in your home. Learn More

Sky App

Stuck in a meeting but want your home to be cozy for the kids when they get home? Nest® works with your Vivint Sky App, so you can remotely turn up the heat a couple degrees from your mobile device. Learn More

Security Cameras

Program Nest® to switch on a light when your Vivint security cameras monitor movement close to your home. Learn More

Nest® Adapts to You

Experience ever-evolving home automation when you add the Nest® thermostat to your Vivint home automation system. Vivint and Nest® work together to learn your needs and provide you with unmatched comfort at home.

Sets Automatically

Simply use your Nest® for one week, and it will learn your daily patterns to adapt to your unique lifestyle.

Nest® Sense

Your Nest® Learning Thermostat not only learns about you, but also picks up data about your house. Nest® records how long it takes your household to warm up and cool down to continually improve your Vivint thermostat's efficiency.


Your Nest® illuminates as you walk into the room, so you'll instantly know the temperature, time, or outdoor weather.

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