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Don't just prevent crime, record it.

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro offers precise, proactive video surveillance.

Guard the yard with the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

When a crime has already happened—or is about to happen—the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro captures the action with excellent digital video quality and advanced security features.

  • 1080p HD with Night Vision for vivid details around the clock
  • 140˚ wide lens for greater coverage of your surveillance area
  • Smart Deter™ for identifying clear patterns of suspicious activity
  • Two-way talk and 85 dB siren for interrupting a crime in progress
  • Live mobile feed and shareable motion-triggered recordings
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3 steps to ordering Vivint home security

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1. Call to reach a Vivint representative.
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2. Get a detailed quote on the products you’re interested in.
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3. Schedule installation and mark your calendar.
The Outdoor Camera Pro calls for pro installation

The Outdoor Camera Pro calls for pro installation

Vivint Smart Home Pros handle your installation, giving you the best absolute placement of your cameras and ensuring your system is in excellent working order. Sit back and enjoy the HD view once they’re done.

Unique features of the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

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Identifies real threats faster

SmartDeter™ automatically alerts lurkers they’ve been spotted and only notifies you of true threats.

nightime icon

Sees in the dark

Get an HD view of what’s happening outside your home from anywhere, even at night, with infrared LEDs.

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Zooms up to 3x in HD

The 3x HD zoom, powered by a 4K HDR sensor, captures important details like faces and license plates.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro specs

  • Image sensor

    4K Ultra HD with High Dynamic Range

  • Max video output resolution


  • Field of view


  • Connectivity

    PoE, PLC & Wi-Fi Bridge

  • Zoom

    3x HD Zoom, 10x Digital

  • Night vision range


  • Clip length

    Event based, 10–90 seconds

  • Speaker

    85 dB

  • Microphone

    2 far-field mics with echo canceling

  • Two-way talk


  • Siren extender


  • Bandwidth

    1.5 Mbps upload

  • Weatherproof rating

    IP 65

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro cost?

The Vivint outdoor security camera is included in the Smart Home Video plan, which starts at $44.99 per month. If purchased by itself, the camera costs $399.99.

Can I add cameras to my Vivint system?

Vivint security cameras have to be installed by a Vivint Smart Home Pro, but after the initial install, you may be able to add others. Follow the steps below to install additional cameras:

1. Find the WPS button on your Wi-Fi router (look for the flashing LED light or WPS symbol).

2. Find and press the WPS button on your camera.

3. Wait for the light on the camera to turn green.

4. Sign in to your Vivint account online at by entering your email address and password.

5. Click on "Control This Home."

6. Select "Video," and then "Settings."

7. Select "Add Video Device."

8. The camera you’ve installed should come up as an option on the screen. If it doesn’t, manually enter the Mac ID number.

9. Complete the prompts that follow to finish your camera setup.

How do I connect my Vivint camera?

To get your Vivint outside security camera back online, try one or all of the following:

1. Restart your Vivint Smart Hub.

2. Unplug your camera for 30 seconds, then plug it back in.

3. Restart your router by unplugging it for 30 seconds, then plugging it back in.

4. Restart your computer modem.

How do I reset my Vivint outdoor camera?

To reset your Vivint outdoor home security camera, locate the power cord wired through your home and remove it from the outlet it’s plugged into. Wait 30–45 seconds, then plug the camera back into the outlet to restore power.

Do Vivint outdoor cameras have sound?

Yes—and it even goes two ways. Your camera picks up incoming sound and includes it in all recorded clips. The camera also patches your voice through an outgoing speaker with a button on your Vivint app, so you can chase off prospective perps off whatever warning you choose.

Is the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro wireless?

The Outdoor Camera Pro uses a hybrid Wi-Fi and wired set up, resulting in exceptional camera performance and freeing up bandwidth on your wireless network.

Does the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro record 24/7?

No, Vivint cameras record motion-activated clips and save them in the cloud. However, you can watch a 24/7 live feed of your cameras on your mobile device.

Does Vivint monitor my security cameras?

Vivint monitors the overall status of your alarm system, not your camera feeds. The best way to use your security cameras is to take all mobile alerts seriously, use the two-way audio to your advantage, and contact Vivint immediately to trigger your alarm if something happens.

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