Vivint security sensors: protection for every entrance

With precise detection, instant alerts, and complete Smart Hub™ integration, Vivint sensors ensure you’ll be the first to know when there’s activity at your home.

Vivint smart sensors

Vivint motion sensor
Vivint motion sensors

The moment someone steps past this heat- and motion-detecting smart home sensor, you’ll know about it. You’ll get an instant alert via the Vivint Smart Home® App, and within an average of 8 seconds your Vivint Smart Hub™ will connect to a Vivint monitoring agent, who will dispatch authorities if needed. Just a few square inches in size and equipped with passive infrared (PIR) technology, a 110-degree viewing radius, and a 30’ x 50’ range, the Vivint Motion Sensor is discreet enough to conceal and powerful enough to protect.

Vivint smart sensors for doors and windows
Vivint entry sensors

Since 36.2% of burglaries don’t involve a forced entry, protecting your home’s entrances is key. That’s where Vivint Smart Sensors come in. These sleek 2.7"H x 1.0"W x 0.5"D home security sensors are designed to detect a door or window opening—whether you’re home or away. Since these wireless alarm sensors seamlessly integrate with your Vivint Smart Hub™, you’ll be notified immediately from almost anywhere. Packed with a tamper-proof design and 5-to-10-year battery life, you’ll get quality reliable coverage for up to a decade.

Vivint glass break sensor
Vivint glass break sensors

Get an extra layer of defense over your home with the Vivint Glass Break Sensor. Since an intruder could enter unnoticed by breaking a window in an unoccupied room, these unique alarm system sensors feature an audio microphone that can detect the distinct frequency of glass breaking anywhere in their direct vicinity. Once alerted, you can speak with a trained monitoring professional using two-way talk via the Vivint Smart Hub™ to get the help you need. The Vivint Glass Break Sensor pairs perfectly with other Vivint home automation sensors for comprehensive burglary detection.

Vivint technician installing a Vivint smart security system

Professional installation by Vivint Smart Home Pros™

Vivint is committed to giving you quality service at every step, including installation. That’s why Vivint carefully vets and trains every installation tech it hires, and never outsources the job to third-party dealers. Feel more comfortable and confident on installation day knowing that your Vivint Smart Home Pro™ will get the job done right.

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