Vivint Fire Alarms: Detect Fire Before You Smell Smoke

A smart fire alarm system connects you with Smart Home Monitoring Specialists™ who dispatch emergency services while you evacuate.

Top Vivint Fire Alarm Products

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire—but you might not see smoke right after a house fire starts, which shaves precious seconds off your reaction time. A total smart home fire alarm monitoring system is finely attuned to all signs of a fire and other household dangers like carbon monoxide (CO) leaks. Whether you see smoke or not, your smoke, CO, and temperature detectors give you a head start in getting out of the home safely in an emergency.

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Smoke Detector

Your residential smoke detector alerts both you and your Smart Home Monitoring Specialists™ to fire danger, maximizing escape and response time.

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Carbon Monoxide Detector

A Vivint CO detector picks up on carbon monoxide leaks within a 35-foot radius and alerts you to low-battery and tampering issues.

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Temperature Detector

Your temperature detector taps into heat changes that could signal a fire—a particularly crucial function for behind-the-scenes wall fires.

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The risk of death in a home fire decreases by over 50% in homes with functional fire alarms.

Source: National Fire Protection Association

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Home Fire and Smoke Detector Features

The best fire alarms do more than alert you to the presence of fire. They also speed up fire department response time and take tasks like dialing 911 off your plate. Vivint home fire alarm systems that integrate with smart home technology do all of this—and more.

Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric fire alarms use light to detect smoke, which means they don’t miss slow-burning fires that don’t produce fast-spreading flames.

First-Party Professional Monitoring

Vivint doesn’t outsource its product monitoring to a third party. Instead, Vivint professionals oversee home monitoring and can send crucial notifications to your app in emergencies.

Power Outage Protection

Electrical fire knock out your hardwired power? Your home fire alarm is battery powered; just integrate the devices with your control panel to get low-battery and anti-tampering notifications.

Smart Home App Notifications

Even when you’re at the office, integration with your Vivint Smart Home® App lets your fire alarms alert you and your monitoring team to smoke, fire, and CO.

Smart Home Integration

Working in tandem with your smart home control panel, your Vivint fire alarm system connects you with Smart Home Monitoring Specialists™, who instantly reach out to emergency responders.

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Vivint Cameras Spotted a House Fire in Seconds

When a slight waft of smoke blew across an indoor camera at the Jones family’s house, Vivint called 911 immediately.

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