Lean on Keyless Entry to Monitor Comings and Goings

Smart locks help you guard your doorknobs while you’re at work—or just lounging on the couch.

Keyless Entry Home Products from Vivint

Keyless entry is a technology that lets you lock and unlock your home, car, or other property electronically and often wirelessly. The tech has been around a long time (e.g., hotel key cards and car key fobs), but as the tech has evolved, it’s been built into more devices with better features and safety measures. With Vivint, there are three ways to gain keyless access to your house.

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Kwikset® Smart Lock

Vivint’s smart deadbolt sets come with keyless entry keypads, so you only need a free finger—not your whole hand and precise wrist movements—to unlock the front, back, or side door to your house.

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Garage Door Control

Vivint’s remote control garage door opener wirelessly communicates with your existing garage door fob, so you don’t have to rewire. For added safety, audio and lights signal when the door opens and closes.

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Vivint Smart Home® App

Vivint’s mobile app completes your home’s keyless entry system by giving you mobile notifications and control over all the smart deadbolts and garage door openers in your Vivint smart home.

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of offenders who burglarize while the victim is home enter through an open (27%) or unlocked (28%) door or window.

Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics

Vivint Keyless Entry Door Lock

Vivint Keyless Entry Kwikset® Smart Lock Features

Smart deadbolt door locks make your home more secure, convenient, and transparent by offering what traditional door locks don’t: personalized entry codes, mobile control, and timely notifications. Plus, as part of a complete smart home security system, keyless entry is one more way to identify threats, respond quickly and safely, and help the authorities help you.

Customizable User Codes

Each touchpad keyless entry deadbolt comes with up to 30 unique codes, so authorized guests or home workers can come and go without bothering you.

Lock Notifications

Instant mobile notifications tell you which keyless entry codes are used, when, and on which deadbolt door locks, so you can quickly tell whether your visitor is welcome or unwelcome.

Remote Access

For easy control from work or the grocery store, the Vivint Smart Home® App shows all keyless door entries on a single screen, with toggles for locking your doors one by one or all together.

In-Home Monitoring

Burglaries do happen when people are home. If you’re reading before bed and the basement door opens, you’ll get an instant notification even if you’ve told your alarm system you’re home.

Helpful Reminders and Smart Integrations

Vivint’s mobile app not only functions as a centralized remote control for door locks, thermostats, cameras, and any other Vivint smart home equipment, but also sends you notifications if it thinks you’ve left the lights on or forgotten to lock up. Plus, your system integrates with Google® Home and Amazon Echo® for voice control.

Choose How to Pay for Equipment, from HD Cameras to Remote Control Door Locks

Vivint started the Flex Pay model to make the smart home experience possible for families of all budgets and investing styles. Whether you want to go all-in on your Vivint cameras, sensors, and keyless entry door locks now or take the more manageable monthly track at 0% interest, Flex Pay gives you that freedom.

Call 1-833-902-0699for a customized Flex Pay quote on the products you want!

HOW FLEX PAY WORKS Purchase equipment NOW
No contract – OR –Pay monthly with financing for 42 or 60 months*

The Doorbell Camera™ Records Front Door Visitors

See approaching delivery folks, house guests, and sketchy visitors with this excellent keyless entry home companion.

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