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Home Automation Has Never Been Easier with Vivint Smart Home & Vivint SkyControl

Let Vivint Take Care of Your Home Automation

Automating your home may seem overly complicated and way too expensivze. Not only do most folks not have enough time to set up their own DIY home automation system, but they probably have little desire or money to do so. When you choose a Vivint SmartHome package, however, our home automation and smart security experts will take care of all the important details, set up your wireless equipment, and connect you to 24/7 monitoring from certified professionals, all for a low monthly payment.

  • 24/7 monitoring

Customize Your Vivint Package & Equipment

Vivint SmartHome allows you to customize your home automation and smart security according to your needs. With Vivint home automation and security system, you’ll enjoy the freedom of picking from several equipment and service options. That’s right, not only do you get to pick from three Vivint packages, but each package lets you choose between several equipment options and services.

  • Home security and automation equipment available
  • Customize your equipment

Connect Your Life with Vivint SmartHome

Whether you want remote video monitoring or temperature control from a smart thermostat, Vivint equipment will meet all of your home automation and smart security needs. Plus, Vivint equipment is compatible with both Amazon Echo and Nest, allowing you to integrate more home functions and control them from any web-enabled device. Add it all up, and you’ll see why Vivint has a reputation for having the best home automation and security equipment around.

  • Amazon Echo compatible
  • Nest compatible

Do It All with Your Vivint SmartHome Equipment

Smart Technology

Remote Access
Indoor Camera

With your Vivint SmartHome, you can do a lot more things around your house on your smartphone or tablet. Turn on your lights, turn off your coffee pot, adjust your smart thermostat, lock your doors, watch live video surveillance, and much more using remote access, for example. All you have to do is pick the right home automation and smart security package for your needs, place an order with a qualified representative, and then download Vivint Sky Control app once your home automation system has been installed.

Vivint SkyControl Panel
Sky Control

As the center of your SmartHome, the SkyControl panel displays video, controls temperature, manages system options, and much more. It also features a seven-inch touchscreen panel, which provides a simple, intuitive experience. Plus, with 24/7 monitoring, you'll be able speak with a monitoring professional in the case of an emergency. SkyControl connects you to all of your SmartHome's energy-saving features and home security equipment.

Wireless Home Alerts

Thanks to the Vivint Sky mobile app, you can keep tabs on your home and family from virtually anywhere. Receive text messages that help you stay in the loop about what's going on in and around your home, like, for example, when a liquor or medicine cabinet is opened. And, if you don't care to be updated 24/7 on your smartphone or tablet, you can personalize your wireless home alerts according to your needs and busy schedule.

Amazon Echo

What does the future of home automation look like? It starts with connecting all your devices and systems through IoT (Internet of Things) technology. When you integrate Amazon Echo with Vivint Sky, you can lock your doors, control lights, and arm your system with your voice. Not only that, but the Echo's Bluetooth speaker features voice control of Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify, and much more. And, your Echo comes with certified SmartHome Pro installation. With your connected Amazon Echo, the future of home automation is bright.

Smart Control

Smart Thermostat

Ever arrived home to a house that's blistering hot or freezing cold? With Smart Thermostats from Vivint, you won't have to worry about extreme house temperatures again. Warm up your house before getting out of bed or turn your Smart Thermostat down from any web-enabled device to save money on your electric bill while you're out. Either way, Vivint SmartHome technology gives you more convenience and savings.

Lighting Control Compatibility

Vivint SmartHome comes equipped with lighting control compatibility. You’ll save energy and money, since lighting control optimizes your home’s lamps and small appliances automatically according to room occupancy, existing light, and pre-set energy limits. Not only will your remote control lights produce savings, but you’ll be able to increase security in your home by turning off and on your lights—giving the appearance of someone being home while you’re away.

Appliance Monitoring

Your Vivint SmartHome also allows you to control small appliances by leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT)—how different web-enabled devices connect and interact. You'll see the benefits of appliance monitoring when you make sure that your kid has turned off the curling iron before school or when you turn off the coffee pot while you're heading to work. Appliance monitoring from Vivint gives you peace of mind that you won't get with basic home security.


Vivint SkyControl also works with Nest, knowing when you're away and adjusting the temperature of your home to save energy and money. In fact, when you're out and about, you can adjust the temperature of your home using the Vivint Sky mobile app. Nest is beautifully designed, too. For example, Nest's sleek design shows the time and temperature on its illuminated screen when you approach. Nest is also wireless, making installation easy as well as keeping your home looking sharp and modern.

Smart Security

Security Cameras
Outdoor Camera

Vivint security cameras help you look out for the people and things that you love the most. Watch live feeds from your security cameras using your smartphone or tablet from virtually anywhere, anytime. Customize how and when you use remote video monitoring. Feel free to check on your kids while you're out and about or peek in on the family pets to make sure they're not being naughty. Vivint SmartHome security cameras give you the freedom to roam without leaving things to chance at home.

Garage Door Control
Garage Door

It's easy to open and close your garage door using Vivint equipment and Vivint Sky app. Don't worry about accidentally leaving your home open to strangers because you'll be notified when something is amiss with your garage door. That's right, Vivint secure technology protects against unauthorized entry. Imagine being able to tell your mail carrier to place a package safely inside your garage. You can do that when you pair garage door control with the Vivint Doorbell Camera.

Smart Locks
Dead Bolt

Control who comes in and out of your house from anywhere with Vivint Smart Locks. Lock and unlock your front door and get notified when your door is left unlocked using Vivint Sky app. This secure technology protects against unauthorized entry. And, by coupling your Smart Locks with the Vivint Doorbell Camera, you can see and answer your front door from anywhere. With Vivint Smart Locks, you'll feel safer on-the-go and at home.

Vivint Doorbell Camera
Doorbell Camera

Thanks to Vivint technology, you can stream live video on your smartphone or tablet when visitors approach your front door. The Vivint Doorbell Camera also features night vision and a 180˚ view, displaying crystal-clear video day or night. And if that weren't enough, you can speak directly with visitors via the Doorbell Camera's built-in mic and speaker. In fact, you can even talk to unwanted visitors from your smartphone or tablet, giving the illusion that you're actually home.

Get Vivint Home Automation Exclusively with Smart Control

Combining home automation and smart security is easy with Vivint SmartHome. Start by choosing the right package for your home—with smart security. Then customize your SmartHome by picking from Vivint's equipment options. Finally, call a qualified representative to get any further questions answered and setup your automated SmartHome.