American Homeowners and Their Home Security Habits by State

  Are you a part of the 75% of American homeowners who lock their doors when they’re away? When it comes to protecting their homes, American homeowners have different reasons why they do or don’t prioritize home security. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, from 2020 – 2021 there were roughly 1 million burglaries,


Do Crime Shows Put You on Your Guard? 81% of Fans Say Yes

Jump to: Each State’s Most Searched Netflix Crime Show Interesting Findings How Crime Shows Influence Home Security Concerns Survey Findings Methodology Americans can’t get enough of crime shows. Last year, crime dramas made up about one-fifth of all scripted shows on network television. And as of the publication of this article, about one-third of Netflix


Summer Theft in the Last 5 Years: Which States Have It Best and Worst?

Six months ago, the team at Clearlink, an authorized retailer of Vivint smart home security that powers, helped debunk the myth that winter brings thieves out of the woodwork. It’s actually summer thieves that are the busiest of all.  The reasons aren’t clear, but the professor we cited previously guesses that theft spikes when


Spring and Summer 2019: Salt Lake City Events at Vivint Smart Home Arena

Located in downtown Salt Lake City, Vivint Smart Home Arena seats nearly 20,000 people and includes fifty luxury suites. The arena, which opened in 1991 as the Delta Center, is owned and operated by Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment. It has been known as Vivint Smart Home Arena since October 2015, when the smart


Spring 2018: Salt Lake City Events at Vivint Smart Home Arena

Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah

  Located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, the Vivint Smart Home Arena hosts many of the state’s biggest events. Originally known as the Delta Center, the building was dedicated in October of 1991. The arena, owned and operated by Larry H. Miller Sports & Entertainment, seats nearly 20,000 people and cost


Innovations in AI for Home Automation

Nest thermostat and Nest mobile app

As artificial intelligence becomes a more prominent part of the industry, a smart home is no longer just one that can react to your voice commands or be controlled by a home automation app, but one that can do all that while learning how to better answer your questions, follow your commands, and predict based