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Babyproof Your Home with Smart Home Technology

Babyproof Your Home with Vivint

Vivint Smart Home Makes Monitoring and Protecting Children Easy


Keeping your family safe is a priority. Long before you bring your children home from the hospital, you look for ways to babyproof your home and make it a safe place for your kids.

Vivint makes monitoring and protecting your children easy, thanks to a few smart home features. From doorbell cameras that show you who’s visiting to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, today’s smart home options help keep an eye on your home, helping you relax with your new babies.

Review our list of smart home products to help babyproof your house, and learn how to use them to keep your little ones safe.


Ping Indoor Cameras

Traditional baby monitors only transmit sounds from the monitor to your handset, giving you a partial idea of your children’s well-being. With motion detection and infrared night vision, the Ping indoor camera is a great replacement for outdated baby monitor technology. Check on your kids throughout the night using your smartphone, and eliminate the need to tiptoe from your room to the nursery.

If you’re a working parent who’s away from home during the day, Vivint’s Ping cameras also allow you to check in on your kids and their caregivers. If there’s ever a need to double-check, Vivint’s 24/7 playback allows you to save thirty days of indoor camera footage.


Window and Door Alarms

Monitoring the entrances to your children’s rooms will help you rest easy once they settle in for the night. Window and door alarms will alert you if someone enters any room, and you can even get a text notification whenever a window or door is opened. This option is especially helpful once your babies start crawling and walking, as you’ll want to be alerted if your children leave their rooms.


Small Appliance and Lighting Control Module

Another way Vivint Smart Home can help you avoid household hazards, such as leaving a curling iron plugged in or a coffee maker turned on, is through the system’s small appliance and lighting controls. Simply plug the small appliance module into an outlet and plug your small appliance into the module. If you’re working in the kitchen while your little one is crawling around and you remember you left your curling iron on, you can shut it off with your smartphone. This simple step helps protect your kids from accidents while keeping your life convenient.


Pool Alarms

You should always supervise children when they’re around a pool, but sometimes kids can slip away from you. An underwater motion alarm for your pool sounds a loud alarm to notify you when someone enters the pool.


Glass Break Detector

A glass break detector works with sensors and microphones to evaluate the vibration and sound of breaking glass. If an intruder cracks or breaks a window in your home, the detector will notify the Vivint monitoring team and send you a text alerting you of the break in—ideally all before the burglar enters your home—so you and your children can get to a safe location.


Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detectors

One smart home item you should add to your babyproofing checklist is The Nest Protect smoke and carbon dioxide detector. It pairs with Vivint products, tests itself automatically, lasts up to ten years, and alerts you by phone if there are any issues. With this new technology, you ensure your entire family is safe at home.


Home Monitoring

Vivint’s 24×7 monitoring gives you peace of mind that your home is secure. When you have the Vivint SkyControl Panel, you not only have a smart home hub that bundles your smart home controls in one central location but also a panic button to call for immediate assistance. If you notice someone suspicious on your property, instantly communicate with security monitoring teams and sound the alarm to keep you and your children safe.


Protecting your little ones by babyproofing your home is much easier with today’s smart home technology, and Vivint’s varying bundles make it easy to select the right option for your budget. Be sure to use these tips to keep an eye on your kids and keep them safe at home.


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