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Compare Vivint security cameras

Cutting-edge indoor, outdoor, and doorbell Vivint cameras for whole-home coverage.

Security cameras can do more than passively record a home invasion—especially Vivint security cameras. 

Security cameras exist to deter prospective home invaders and failing that, get concrete evidence that can be used in a formal investigation.

Vivint security cameras make those tasks smoother, easier, and more precise with industry-leading features. Among those features are two-way talk via microphones and speakers, intelligent person detection, and Smart Deter™, a feature on outdoor Vivint cameras that may help intervene in the early stages of a crime with sounds and warning lights.

This guide to Vivint security cameras can get you started designing your own Vivint camera system.

Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro

The front-door Vivint camera with a 180° x 180° vision field and integrated 90 dB warning alert.

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro gives a view of everyone who approaches your front door and warns potential package thieves that they’re on candid camera.

Image quality. With a 180° vertical and horizontal field of view, the doorbell camera captures a wall-to-wall, sky-to-pavement view of your front porch. The high-powered 1664p HDR image sensor lets you play back your video at up to 1080p and zoom in 2x at high quality. Infrared night vision also makes the camera a reliable source of truth at night.

Smart features. Vivint’s intelligent person detection can tell the difference between people and objects like cars and flapping flags. The Doorbell Camera Pro can also tell the difference between a delivery driver and a person trying to pilfer your packages. When it senses someone taking your package, Smart Deter™ kicks in with an LED ring light and 90 dB sound to let them know they’ve been seen.

Recording & storage. View live footage at any given moment. Clips of 10–90 seconds save every time the camera detects a person or a system event, and the app sends you notifications with high-res photo stills. Alternatively, you can add Vivint Playback DVR to have your camera record continuously and save all footage for up to 10 days. The onboard SD card saves footage locally for better playback and scrubbing, and all imagery can be downloaded and shared before it expires.

Durability. At a weatherproof rating of IP 33, the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro withstands most outdoor conditions including wind, rain, and snow, even if you don’t have a covered front porch.

Customizations. Intelligent person detection already keeps clips and notifications relevant, but you can focus them even more by outlining specific areas in your camera’s field of view that you want to watch. You can also tweak the default notification settings if you want more or less information about who’s on your lawn.

Connection to your Vivint system. When you add Vivint cameras to your new or existing Vivint security system, they come preprogrammed to record when your central alarm goes off in addition to capturing person-based footage. You can also easily sync your cameras with other Vivint products, e.g., tell them to record when someone uses your smart deadbolt.

App control. Customize your camera settings and notifications, view live footage and saved video clips from Vivint Playback, and talk with delivery drivers, visitors, and neighborhood kids using your phone’s microphone. Plus, the emergency button is one tap away if you ever see a home invasion in progress. 

Pricing. Own the Doorbell Camera Pro from day one for $249.99 upfront. Or to pay monthly instead, apply for 0% financing at either $5.95 for 42 months or $4.17 for 60 months. All financing accounts require a 5-year agreement.*

Vivint Indoor Camera Pro

This sleek, low-profile Vivint camera spots red flags in your house without watching your every move.

The Vivint Indoor Camera Pro Camera helps you laser-focus on specific areas of your home you want to protect—and when you want to protect them.

Image quality. This Vivint camera’s HD wide-angle lens captures focused areas in your home with extra peripheral vision for added context. At 1080p HD playback and up to 2x digital zoom, you can see everything you need in detail. Infrared night vision makes the most of the hours when you may want the most from this indoor sentry.

Smart features. Intelligent person detection keeps your notifications and saved footage relevant by focusing on human activity, not wandering pets.

Recording & storage. Your camera records person-activated clips and saves them for 30 days, unless you add Vivint Playback to record around the clock and save the footage for 10 days. Recordings are also triggered by your alarm going off, to increase your chances of catching the visitor on camera.

Customizations. To filter out your own daily movements at home, you can program Privacy Mode hours when your camera won’t record. Another customization includes the ability to draw specific surveillance zones, in case you need to guard especially sensitive areas from intruders or even your kids (e.g., safes, liquor cabinets). 

Connection to the Vivint alarm system. Your Indoor Camera Pro records alarm-based clips when connected to the sensors in your Vivint security system.

App control. The emergency button is one tap away if your notification shows a home invasion in progress. You can also customize device settings and notifications. 

Pricing. The Indoor Camera Pro costs $249.99, which you can pay for upfront or monthly with 0% financing. Monthly payments come to $5.95 for 42 months or $4.17 for 60 months. Remember that financing requires a 5-year agreement.*

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

The industry-leading Vivint camera with a 4K Ultra HD image sensor and integrated 85 dB warning alert.

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro provides a window where you want one.

Image quality. Able to hyper-focus on tiny details, like clothing logos or facial features, the Outdoor Camera Pro watches over your yard with an extremely powerful 4K Ultra HD image sensor with HDR. The lens itself can zoom in up to 3x, and digital zoom goes up to 10x on top of that, making playback clear up to 1080p even in close-ups. 

Smart features. Smart Deter activates the red light and 85 dB warning tone when human figures slink through your yard. And it won’t be triggered by raccoons or stray balls.

Durability. At a weatherproof rating of IP 65, the Outdoor Camera Pro is dust-tight with the ability to withstand even direct-hit water jets. So it definitely holds up in a strong rain.

Customizations. Set a surveillance zone manually, for example to exclude a neighbor’s property. You can also tweak notification settings.

Recording & storage. The hybrid wired/Wi-Fi connection cuts down on the work your camera has to do to communicate with your router, while the onboard SD recording enables faster, cleaner video playback. High-res photo stills are sent to your mobile device with each event-based recording clip.

Connection to the Vivint alarm system. Your Outdoor Camera Pro records alarm-based clips when connected to the sensors in your Vivint security system.

App control. The emergency button is one tap away if your notification shows a home invasion in progress. Customize device settings and notifications. 

Pricing. For its powerful features, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro sticker price is $399.99. If you’d like to spread the payments out, 0% financing gives you the option of paying $8.33 per month for 42 months or $5.83 per month for 60 months. Financing requires a 5-year contract.*

Isolated images of Vivint products.

Products to pair with Vivint cameras

24/7 monitoring. When you order Vivint cameras with a 24/7 monitored Vivint alarm system, you can press the panic button to contact the monitoring center the moment you get an alarming camera notification. Plus, syncing your camera to the monitored system ensures that your cameras start rolling when an intruder trips the alarm. It’s all linked and synced in the Vivint Smart Hub and mobile app.

Vivint Playback DVR. This DVR feature instructs your cameras to record 24/7 continuous video for up to 10 days on up to 12 Vivint cameras, any type. Footage is saved on each camera’s 64 GB storage card for better scrubbing and playback on the Vivint mobile app. Event markers make it easier to search and share the most relevant bits.

Vivint Spotlight Pro. An add-on to the Outdoor Camera Pro, Vivint Spotlight Pro takes Smart Deter to the next level with a spotlight that follows a visitor across your yard—then intensifies to a sweeping or strobe pattern if they don’t hightail it out of there. Your Vivint camera records the whole thing.

Any Vivint equipment. Syncing Vivint cameras to other Vivint equipment allows you to combine security and smart home functions for more convenience. For example, if your doorbell camera spots a delivery driver, you can use the camera’s two-way talk to quickly coordinate, then open and close the garage door from your app. You can also create custom automations, like turning all cameras on when one starts up so you get a more comprehensive view of potential threats.

Professional installation (required with Vivint service). Vivint Smart Home Pros provide expert installation to get your angles right, mount your cameras safely, and tuck wires away from the elements and malicious cord cutters. They also provide training as broad or detailed as you need, so they don’t waste your time. Professional installation comes with $0 activation.

Compare Vivint cameras at a glance

Each Vivint security camera serves different functions, so none can really take the place of the other. But understanding their main features can help you plan your system more carefully. If you need help designing your Vivint camera system, ask your phone sales agent today—or get in-the-moment advice from your Vivint Smart Home Pro during installation.

Vivint Doorbell Camera ProVivint Indoor Camera ProVivint Outdoor Camera Pro
List price$249.99$249.99$399.99
0% APR financingUp to 60 monthsUp to 60 monthsUp to 60 months
Intelligent person detection
Smart Deter™ light and sound alarmLED, 90 dB alarmLED, 85 dB alarm
Field of vision180°150°140°
Image sensor1664p with HDR1080p with HDR4K with HDR
Up to 1080p playback
High-definition zoom2x digital2x digital10x digital3x lens
Infrared night vision
Two-way talk
Connection typeWi-FiWi-FiWi-Fi + Ethernet
Event-based clips saved for 30 days
Dual storage in cloud and SD card
SD storage capacity64 GB64 GB64 GB
Continuous recording up to 10 daysAvailable with Vivint Playback DVRAvailable with Vivint Playback DVRAvailable with Vivint Playback DVR
WeatherproofingIP 33IP 65
CustomizationsSurveillance zones, notificationsSurveillance zones, notifications, privacy hoursSurveillance zones, notifications

Choose Vivint cameras for smarter security

For smart, savvy cameras with the power to capture evidence, keep you in the loop at crucial moments, and even stop crime in its tracks, shop Vivint cameras today.

*Offer Details

Qualifying system purchase requires minimum $599.99 equipment purchase, minimum $39.99/month services agreement and professional installation. New Vivint Customers only. Reactivations of previously-installed systems not eligible for offer. Offer not available in all states or provinces. Equipment purchase may be financed separately subject to an agreement with one of Vivint’s third-party financing partners. Monthly $1.48 cellular network maintenance fee applies. Taxes and local permit fees may apply.

Third-Party Financing Options Available

Financing eligibility and terms subject to credit approval by one of Vivint’s third-party financing partners. Qualified customers may finance equipment purchase at 0% APR for up to 60 months. Month-to-month service agreement available when equipment is purchased upfront.

Vivint Systems & Services

System supports up to six cameras subject to sufficient WiFi speeds. Without a Vivint services plan, product and system functionality is limited (including loss of remote connectivity). Speak to a Vivint representative at the phone number in this offer for complete equipment, services, and package details, including pricing and financing details. Products and services in Louisiana provided by Vivint Louisiana Commercial Certificate #58280. See Vivint license numbers here.

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