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Vivint Ping Indoor Camera Review


Security cameras are an essential part of any modern home security setup. There’s more to cameras than just recording video these days, though. Like many other devices, home cameras have joined the ranks of smart home tech, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, remote smartphone access, and other connected features becoming standard.

If you’re looking for an indoor security camera with advanced features and great video quality, look no further than the Ping Camera from Vivint. This indoor Wi-Fi camera features 1080p HD video, wireless connectivity, and integration with your other Vivint smart home devices. And it packs all those features into a sleek, modern design. We feel it’s one of the best indoor cameras you can buy.

Read on to find out if the Vivint Ping indoor wireless camera is the right camera for your smart home.



Installation and Setup

Setting up the Vivint Ping Camera is easy. If you purchase your cameras as a bundle with other smart home devices or a Vivint smart home system, a Vivint tech can install everything for you and get it working perfectly. Otherwise, you can set it up yourself at your Vivint control panel.

To set up the Ping yourself, go to your Vivint control panel and navigate to Add New Devices (you’ll need your four-digit PIN). Choose Ping Camera. Next, plug the camera in. After a minute or two, the LED indicator will turn green, and the camera will announce it’s ready to pair. Press the button on top until you hear a tone.

The camera will now pair with the control panel and go through the setup process. When it’s finished, you can move it wherever you like and assign it a room on the control panel. You’re all set!



Video Quality and Recording

The Vivint Ping indoor camera provides excellent video quality both during the day and at night. Footage is crisp, and the 1080p Full HD resolution ensures important details (like faces) remain clear. The camera also records clear audio, which enables the two-way communication features and allows you to hear what any intruders might be saying. The combination of video and audio also makes this camera a great stand-in for a baby monitor.

The Ping also includes a motion sensor that can activate recording when triggered and send a notification to your phone—handy for security alerts when you’re out for the night or away on vacation.


Features and Connectivity

The Ping Camera includes a handy call feature for two-way communication. The outgoing call function lets you place calls directly from the camera to a mobile device—not necessarily a super-useful safety feature, but very convenient for placing quick calls to a spouse, parent, or child.

Calls are initiated with a single button press. The camera’s LED indicator will turn blue, and the camera will send a notification to the designated device asking to join the call. The recipient can view the camera feed and join the call with just a tap on their smartphone.

The camera is clean and modern looking, with an appearance that blends into modern decor and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. And all that modern tech can be managed from your Vivint Smart Home app, where you can view the camera feed and adjust notification preferences.


The Vivint Ping camera costs $199.99. We feel it’s a great investment for your home security and peace of mind, and the video quality and handy video calling features make it convenient as well.

Check out the Ping camera’s details, and then give us a ring to get your Ping today at 1-855-977-4938.

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