Which States Have the Most Neighborhood Watch Programs?

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Community watch programs have their roots in America’s colonial days. The Town Watch was a way for neighbors to alert the authorities—often a lone night guard—about suspicious activities in their village. Over time, the concept has grown and adapted into the modern neighborhood crime watch. The idea is simple: communities look out for one another


Holiday Theft Rates Are Lower than You Think—See the 10 Safest and Iffiest States

If Home Alone taught us anything, it’s that Christmas brings warm fuzzies to the hearts of burglars and thieves too. Of course, the Wet Bandits are caricatures, not real people. And according to criminology professor Dr. Janet Lauritsen, it’s actually summer, not winter, that’s “open season” for burglary, car theft, and general thievery. That said,


The Safest and Most Dangerous States to Retire

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What are the safest states in the US to retire? Considering 10,000 baby boomers retire every year, according to the Pew Research Center, now’s a good time to look at safety stats across the nation. Our team looked at FBI statistics and government data, focusing on six main data points—property crime rates, ombudsman complaints (complaints


Vivint Ping Indoor Camera Review

Vivint Ping Camera

  Security cameras are an essential part of any modern home security setup. There’s more to cameras than just recording video these days, though. Like many other devices, home cameras have joined the ranks of smart home tech, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, remote smartphone access, and other connected features becoming standard. If you’re looking


Vivint Streety: Your Friendly Neighborhood Watch App

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Through its network of shared cameras, Streety is the ultimate approach to a neighborhood watch. The idea is simple, convenient, and timely for users. In any neighborhood, there are dozens of houses using outdoor security cameras. The Streety app combines the vision of all cameras by allowing users to share camera access or footage with


How Vivint Keeps Your Home Safe While You Travel

Travel with Peace of Mind When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is what’s going on at home. Unfortunately, nagging worries about burglaries, bad weather, and other events prevents many homeowners from enjoying themselves on vacation or focusing on business trips. Thanks to the web of connected devices known as


What to Expect When Your Vivint Alarm is Triggered

How Do Alarm Systems Work?   The sound of an alarm can be scary. You may have alarms installed for several situations—fire, burglary, and flooding—but that certainly doesn’t mean you ever want to have to use them. To help minimize the stress and confusion that can accompany an alarm going off, we’ll walk you through


5 Ways Smart Homes Save You Money

Save Money with Home Automation

  How a Security System Can Keep Your Wallet as Safe as Your Home There are tons of benefits to smart homes and home security systems. Peace of mind, increased convenience, and automation, to name a few. But did you know all these seemingly expensive conveniences can also save you money? Despite the upfront cost


Babyproof Your Home with Smart Home Technology

Babyproof Your Home

Vivint Smart Home Makes Monitoring and Protecting Children Easy   Keeping your family safe is a priority. Long before you bring your children home from the hospital, you look for ways to babyproof your home and make it a safe place for your kids. Vivint makes monitoring and protecting your children easy, thanks to a